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Free download manager is an application that has a good performance, capacity and download speed many facilities provided by both controlling the speed of download, Customize and the other, the main adalan Free Download Manager is provided free of charge under open source licenses, the newest fersi Free Download Manager can be integrated directly on the browser to the top of the FireFox 3, after the previous fersi can not be integrated well, have to use ad ons flashgot for integrating.

However, the latest version is directly integrated without additional ad on. Free download manager, providing comfort and speed, especially in the download with the speed that we want to do sebah download files, to set the speed of this change we live mode download includes :

1. Light mode, when we set up FDM on this mode, then it will be a slow download, but will not affect the browsing activities, in a sense we will not burden the network computer, but this is the consequence that the download will do our long runs.

2. Medium mode, this mode will provide download speeds faster than Light mode

3. Heavi Mode, when set to FDM in this mode then it will download with the maximum speed and shorten download time, but kagiatan browsing may be a little disturbed or will be slowed,
However, my experience using this software on the mode heavi not too slow process membut browsing much more in additional facilities such as the FDM this schedule downloads, auto shut down when the download is complete, this is useful if we want to download a file that is big enough and we do not waiting to mark the setting tools shootdown when computer down, then when finished FDM to download automatically the computer will be in the shootdown.

would like to try please download here free

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