Hancook, Superhero a lonely and disheveled

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Hancock Movie
Genre : Action / Adventure
Starring : Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron, Eddie Marsan
Director : Peter Berg
Screenwriter : Vỹ Vincent Ngo, Vince Gilligan
Producer : Akiva Goldsman, Michael Mann, Will Smith, James Lassiter

Adult (full scene of violence)

This film tells about the super hero who fails the self as a super hero who usually preferred the more adored even.

I actually like her less in the Will Smith super hero movie like this, because the more I like him in movies like "The Pursuit Happiness" or "I Robot" etc., but not in Hancock.

This film tries so many things at once enter into a story, the film with a lot of climax. First, the role as superhero who does not initially preferred. Second, the reason why he can be up to super hero. Third, the past and the Hancock is actually the fourth, the story's love triangle. Fiuh ... too complex.

Hancock begins with the action combat crime, this film successfully hit. Some funny scenes spiced with the sweet.

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Hancock is a drunkard who has super strength, can fly and anti-missile. Hancock can not be hurt by anything. Unfortunately, one super hero who is fun to fail a lot of people's hearts, because it always creates confusion and damage to public facilities. Until a time he claimed to account for the material losses that may result from the action Hancock.

Hancock meeting with Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) in a rescue action in the Hancock railway to rescue Ray, bear friendship between them. Ray who then blandish Hancock entered the prison and stand there a few weeks to restore the good name of a Hancock.

True allegations Ray, Hancock and then called by the police to fight criminals footpad bank. Of course, Hancock was successfully achieved with careful community Seeing the sermon sermon-Ray.

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this is the first climax. That make this story too many is the fact that Hancock is a husband and wife Ray past. Hancock and Mary (Charlie Theron), Ray's wife is two imortal creature that so long as they live separately. But if they are together, they return as a normal human being. New problems appear in this film.

Climax when the two are both fighting against the criminals who are pursuing their thousands of years ago (when they were still together). As we guess, they win. But the love triangle between Ray, Mary Hancock, and has not been completed. They must make a choice of whom to whom. Hancock eventually pull out of the Mary importal that they continue.

I like movies from this : the shaking of paste in the middle of the action is
The less I like : the film story is less focused, so less bite. It's better
made only one problem, but in the main discussion.

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Meaning Adware and Spyware
Spyware and Adware is a program (software) that is deliberately created and disseminated by the manufacturer of the author and circulated on the internet so that they can stake out all the activities of others on the internet, especially when they're browsing. If the program that created them (there is a spyware / adware) already embedded in the computer and someone else, then they will be easy to do things that will be detrimental to the core users, for example to invade your privacy, and flood you eith those horrible popups. And then more "if you are like most users on the internet, chances are you are probably infected with these applications" Thus it can be as spyware parasites on a computer.

Signs there is a common adware and spyware :
There are some common symptoms that can be perceived by the user computer when the parasite is called Spyware and adware are actually infected, namely:

* Performance Computer will feel slow, especially when connected to the internet
* Browsers (Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Netscape, etc.)
sometimes or often jammed (hang / crash) will be opened at a particular web page
* Address of the site has been set by default are often changed
* Sometimes the browser opens itself in bulk and directly access a particular site

Influence (risks / consequences) incurred Spyware and Adware :
Because Spyware and Adware is classified as a parasite, then the second type of computer parasites version also has a moderate life principle, the same principle as the actual living parasites, the parasites for the continuance of his life do not want to do that cause the death of organisms that followed, because if organism followed by death and he will also participate in death (^_^).. he .. 3x This means that even though our computer is infected with Spyware and Adware. their presence in the computer system will not make the computer destroyed, damaged, data lost or explode (^_^)..he..3x

But they are very dangerous indeed! how can like that?
According to the information on the site NoAdware, have some influence or risk caused by Adware and spyware, among others:

# Computer Performance will be slow even though we have all specscomputer lux and
# When we are connected to the Internet, all information that we type, especially
via the web, will be easily captured (intercepted) by others. try to imagine?
danger for people who like online transaction (^_^)..he..3x
# They (the parties before making a second parasite) can create links in the form of
icon which contains the site addresses that are not official (unauthorized sites)
and put it to our desktop computer. In this case, their goal is of course evil,
namely that before we click the link and enter them into a trap
# In addition to link desktop, they can also easily add a list of addresses that is
not the official site of the Internet browser on our Favorites.
# All the activities that occur on the browser and being termonitor (tracked and
# In addition to creating a link and put in the form of icon, they can also wishes
to attach the toolbar and searchbar that we do not want us in your browser
# All the important information regarding the self, we can sell them or disseminated
to other parties. So do not wonder a few months back to have a blog american
people have a list of contents is complete Credit Card information with the
details (^_^)..he..3x But now in the close by blogger blog (^_^)..he..3x
# Default homepage and all of the settings on your browser we can be imitated
# Internet connection is very slow (^_^)..he..3x

Repair and remove Spyware and Adware from Computer

there are many ways to clean our computer from Spyware and Adware. And to check you can do so appropriately. One of them using the software NOADWARE. You can download this software In Here for free trial
MOADWARE Free Download
This software is great to clean the adware, spyware, trojans, dialers and worms found in your computer.

I hope this article useful (^_^).. he .. 3x

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Guns N'Roses, Releases New Album Through Formation

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Free Download Mp3 Guns N Roses
cooldesak - Through the formation of new, Axl Rose again released the latest album Gun N'Roses is already 17 years old so it stopped. In fact this album has been started since 1994 in garap back, but new this year, exactly 23 November upcoming album 'Chinese Democracy' will be released in the market.

Appear in the years since 80'an, Gun N'Roses, known as the band who have cadas flow rock. Album that sold up to 90 million pieces, and still has its own fan, it makes Axl decided to rebuild the band has been raising his name. Despite the personnel without long ago decided in 2002 formed a new band, The Velvet Underground, Axl does not stop steps.

Through the world tour that was held, Axl Rose (vocal), Dizzy Reed (keyboard), Tommy Stinson (bass), Chris Pitman (programming), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron Thal (guitar) and Frank Ferrer (drums), re - memory remind fans through songs that used to print the hits, including Sweet Child O'Mine, November Rain and Welcome To The Jungle.

Contains 14 songs, one entitled 'If The World' which is the soundtrack of movie 'Body Of Lies', as one of the campaign management to push up album sales later, as well as some songs that first spread on the Internet through the hacker.

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Download AVG Anti VIrus 8.0 Free Edition

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Download AVG Anti Virus
For users of AVG Anti virus Free Edition 7.5, or perhaps before, perhaps now is time to update it to the new version released: AVG Anti virus 8.0 Free Edition. Handling is a given basic protection, including anti-virus and anti-spyware, no anti-rootkit, anti-spam, Firewall, Safe Downloads, Safe Instant Messaging, Safe Surf, and Support. Like the previous edition free version, AVG Antivirus 8.0 Free Edition is only can be used to house the computer and not for commercial use.

File installer AVG Antivirus Free Edition 8.0 is 46.1 MB, manual, and also the update-update is available that can be downloaded here.

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Adding RAM With The Flashdisk

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Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data temporarily in the computer. The more applications that we open, the more RAM is also used. There are ways to add RAM to take advantage of the flash (data storage), with additional software (application) eBooster.exe, we can increase our RAM without having to buy new RAM.

We often use the computer, because the enjoyed, we open Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Access, plus AdobePhotoShop, CorelDraw. Then we want to Winamp to listen to the music. But suddenly we hang the computer, Alias dead. Why is this happening?

Because the capacity of RAM is exhausted, RAM (Random Access Memory) commonly used to store data in computers. This means the data can only be viewed on screen, but we have not saved to storage media, such as Hardisk, flash, CD Room, and so forth.

The more applications that we open in our computer, the more likely that we use the RAM. As an illustration of RAM as follows. Eg in the computer we installed RAM with a capacity of 512 Mb. Each application will be open that we need RAM, or easily open each individual application we then have a supply of RAM will be reduced.

For instance, for example, if we open a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word will then need temporary memory (RAM) of 300 Mb (not the actual data, because I had not need Microsoft Word to measure how much memory to be able to walk), the supply of RAM that is live ( 512-300 = 212 Mb). If we reopen the application can not be more than 212 Mb, if the application dibukan exceeds 212 Mb, eg Microsoft Excel memory required is 300 MB, the computer will Hang (OVER CLOCK), because the memory requirement for running the program is not enough.

To increase the capacity of RAM is usually we need to purchase additional RAM, to be larger.

However, the material in this time we will increase the capacity of RAM with FLASHDISK, with the argument, that can work double-flash can be used for RAM can also save data. The greater capacity of flash, then the larger the RAM, which you can add.

We need eBooster.exe software, which can be download in here

After a successful download eBooster.exe us, then we need to install. Right-click on the

Figure 1. Installing eBooster_beta.exe

After click Open as Figure 1 above, then the option will exit the installation language, such as below:

Figure 2. Language options

Select only the English language (English), because for the Indonesian language has not been there. Click Ok, then installation will exit the dialog like Figure 3, below:

Figure 3. Installation dialog.

Click next to continue, it will come out after the approval of the founder dialog, as Figure 4. below :

Figure 4. Dialog approval

Click I agree to continue, and then placing the file dialog appears as Figure 5 below:

Figure 5. Placement of the file dialog.

From Figure 5 above, click Next to continue, then exit the dialog installation as below:

Figure 6. Installation

6 of the image above, click Install to continue, wait until the exit dialog like Figure 7, below.

Figure 7. Installation is complete

Radio button in the select reboot now to improve the installation, and then select the finish to continue. Then the computer will restart in. After restar process is complete, then the dialog appears as below, and click OK to continue.

Figure 8. Dialog software update

Results and Practice
After installation is complete, enter the flash to the computer. After clicking Ok in Figure 8. it will exit the dialog like Figure 9, below:

Figure 9. Select additional memory

Of the image 9, select click on the cache size, then select the flash, and then click OK as Figure 10, below:

Figure 10. Select to add flash memory (RAM)
From Figure 10 above, select the G: \ for the flash, then click OK. It will seem that the RAM or the memory we have been increasing.

Figure 11. Drive G (Flashdisk) was active as a RAM

From Figure 11, above shows that the G Drive (flash) was to function as RAM, the RAM in the computer we have 2, the flash disk and the RAM itself

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Miley Cyrus be thought age 40

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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus appears to have to start using anti-ageing cream. Star teenagers definitely get this incredible surprise that, when a sales assistant thinks himself mothers aged four tens.

Stars Disney is shopping with her bodyguard daughter and sister who are still 8 years old, Noah. In this shopping trip, I have a shameful incident. A sales assistant who approached thinking as mothers.

In an interview with The Sun, stars adolescents narrate this, "I were this woman and tried to offer anti-wrinkle cream. I certainly did not interfere until he says I look cool for the contemporary woman with me."

"He thought I was 40 years old. When I was with a bodyguard that he thought my husband, brother and I that he thought my children. She said, 'Oh, you look like your mother'. I invite him aside. 'Ok lady, it is NOT my husband, this is NOT my son and I am NOT 40 years of age, I am 16 years old. No need to say more, she was very ashamed, "deception this hanah MONTANA Stars.

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Kate Walsh hate Catwalk in Japan

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Kate Wals
Walking on the catwalk stage does not always feel comfortable for Kate Walsh. Actress hate that this beautiful time to spend some time in the modeling world in Japan. The different sizes of clothes in there, making small felt like a giant.

Star this bewitched decided to leave the United States to teach in the Far East, but with the added physical slim, Kate also successfully developed a wing to the modeling world.

Unfortunately, time off in Japan, he does not enjoy them too. "Time is very chilling ... First, my body is too big for everything. I feel like Godzilla," suspire Kate.

"I wear ski clothes, and then in the event exhibition, wedding clothes, and everything. I feel (the shirt-dress) and a little bit tight membuatku not comfortable," his him.

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The atmosphere in Northern Ireland re-heat. That happened after two British soldiers killed and four other injured in the attack allegedly carried out by groups of the Republic of Ireland (IRA) Forces headquarters in Northern Ireland in Antrim, west Belfast, early morning Sunday WIB (8 / 3).

"All the people this country is very surprised at the same time anger against the scandalous been by these unmanly," demolished the Prime Minister (PM) Gordon Brown as UK dilansir Associated Press yesterday.

Leaders 58 years to witness the drag shot to death the green table. In this opportunity, PM of the Conservative Party is calling the shooter as a murderer.

Incidents Saturday night local time ago at the entrance Massereene barracks is the first action against the killing of British troops in Northern Ireland since 1997. The goal, clearly disrupt the peace process that has not lasted long in the region prone to conflict sektarian it. However, Brown believes that the peace process will not be disturbed.

"No one will be the murderer was able to thwart the peace process is to get full support Northern Ireland society," he said.

From Dublin, Ireland Republic of the government asserts that it is not a small incident will make people fall back to the prolonged conflict. "Violence has long disapproved of this island. Whether living in the north and south," demolished the Irish PM Brian Cowen.

In a series of internal conflicts antaretnis and the religious in Ireland before the achievement of peace agreement Friday in 1998, at least 3,000 people died stated. Northern ireland is a country that British protectorate in the cleft between these two religious groups, namely the Protestant pro-British and the Catholic side to the Republic of Ireland.

Not long after the incident early Sunday hours WIB is broken, the government of the UK and Ireland direct wage investigation. Head of Police Superintenden Derek Williamson trusted leadership team as hunters.

"Two armed men shot to the release four British soldiers who are receiving orders from two carriers pizza Domino's Pizza. Two believed the shooter as a member of the group in action from the IRA over their car," he said as quoted Agency France-Presse.

It is unclear whether both direct shot to the four soldiers and two pizza courier or only the military personnel in the UK. "What is clear, one of the shooter and then slashing down from the car and release the shot back to the six people in a short distance," he continued.

Protestant politicians and Catholic parties that share government in Northern Ireland as a direct point manipulator IRA attacks. But, until yesterday there was still not official statements or claims of the group.

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