The atmosphere in Northern Ireland re-heat. That happened after two British soldiers killed and four other injured in the attack allegedly carried out by groups of the Republic of Ireland (IRA) Forces headquarters in Northern Ireland in Antrim, west Belfast, early morning Sunday WIB (8 / 3).

"All the people this country is very surprised at the same time anger against the scandalous been by these unmanly," demolished the Prime Minister (PM) Gordon Brown as UK dilansir Associated Press yesterday.

Leaders 58 years to witness the drag shot to death the green table. In this opportunity, PM of the Conservative Party is calling the shooter as a murderer.

Incidents Saturday night local time ago at the entrance Massereene barracks is the first action against the killing of British troops in Northern Ireland since 1997. The goal, clearly disrupt the peace process that has not lasted long in the region prone to conflict sektarian it. However, Brown believes that the peace process will not be disturbed.

"No one will be the murderer was able to thwart the peace process is to get full support Northern Ireland society," he said.

From Dublin, Ireland Republic of the government asserts that it is not a small incident will make people fall back to the prolonged conflict. "Violence has long disapproved of this island. Whether living in the north and south," demolished the Irish PM Brian Cowen.

In a series of internal conflicts antaretnis and the religious in Ireland before the achievement of peace agreement Friday in 1998, at least 3,000 people died stated. Northern ireland is a country that British protectorate in the cleft between these two religious groups, namely the Protestant pro-British and the Catholic side to the Republic of Ireland.

Not long after the incident early Sunday hours WIB is broken, the government of the UK and Ireland direct wage investigation. Head of Police Superintenden Derek Williamson trusted leadership team as hunters.

"Two armed men shot to the release four British soldiers who are receiving orders from two carriers pizza Domino's Pizza. Two believed the shooter as a member of the group in action from the IRA over their car," he said as quoted Agency France-Presse.

It is unclear whether both direct shot to the four soldiers and two pizza courier or only the military personnel in the UK. "What is clear, one of the shooter and then slashing down from the car and release the shot back to the six people in a short distance," he continued.

Protestant politicians and Catholic parties that share government in Northern Ireland as a direct point manipulator IRA attacks. But, until yesterday there was still not official statements or claims of the group.

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