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Windows Vista is the first OS released by Microsoft over the past five years and is a Succesor from Windows XP. However, you do not need millions in a hurry to buy. So if you want to buy a new PC (if your old PC is broken or you have been waiting for the realease of Windows Vista), then there is no one you're using Windows Vista. But no changes in Windows Vista, whether it is the increase in the ability of the graph (AERO), or any development in the performance (indeed, Windows XP OS that we use are never crash)
There are 6 types of Windows Vista, we will be doing a review on the range of 4 only. We choose not meriview Windows Vista Enterprise (only a little difference which means that with Vista Ultimate) and Windows Vista Starter (no difference in meaning with the Vista Home Basic). Here are a type - the type of Windows Vista:

* Windows Vista Starter Edition
* Windows Vista Home Basic
* Windows Vista Home Premium
* Windows Vista Business
* Windows Vista Ultimate

DVD of Windows Vista is entering a code that has a format Windows Imaging (WIM), so if you buy the Home Basic or Ultimate, the code remains the same, the only distinguish is the product key that will unlock features - features that are specific. This means that users who buy a lower edition (ex. Home Basic) can upgrade to its OS (only the user's hardware has to support) in a way to buy product key either online or offline. However, all features - even though you have to buy - all depending on your hardware configuration. If you do not have any graphics hardware that is suitable, you will never be able see the Aero graphic effects from one of the excellent features of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista installation takes about 1 hour (can be less, depending on the specifications of the PC). The process is automatic, the first - the installer first copying the WIM to your hard drive that takes about 5 minutes later, the system will restart and then do proceed with installing Windows Vista.
After installation is complete, Windows Vista will ask for your regional, and time and currency, and the last keyboard layout. Then, you will select a username, a user icon, and a password. Then select your desktop wallpaper and security settings on: Automatic, Install Importan Updates Only, or Ask me Later. Once everything is completed will appear a new message "Please Wait While Windows checks Your Computer's Performance." Here, Microsoft will give a value on your computer in the point (1 - 5).

Windows Vista include a new tone music that was created by a veteran musician Robert Fripp called. Compared with the start-up tones for Windows XP, Windows Vista more tuneful, even more spiritual. Vote for the User Account Control and Log Off are also in the change.
That there is a new desktop in Windows Vista Welcome Center is comprised of a link - a link to the Frequently Aske question such as, "How do you configure your printer?"

After you close the Welcome Center, you will see on the right side of the screen there is a sidebar that contains 3 or gadgets in Windows Vista called Widgets. The first is the RSS feeds, and a slideshow of pictures taken from the sample photos in the photo library, then the next day.
Recommended changes in Start menu in Windows Vista. Start Menu Search functionality has been completed. All programs also have didisplay is EXPANDABLE. The new Start Menu is divided into two, which provides access to documents, images, music, games, recent items, My Computer, network, Contor Panel, default programs, and Help.

Also new is the key in Startmenu OFF instant. Allow you to turn your PC faster.

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