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For those of you who are still not happy with the performance of your firefox browser either version 2. version and the 3rd, I suggest if you are still using the last version 2. flee ugrade to version 3. If it is actually using fersi latest firefox 3.0 and at the time this paper publis I already reached version 3.0.6 and should have satisfactory his speed loading.

But if you still feel a little fast or the Internet bandwidth you have small, can do it manually tweaking, tutorialnya has been scattered, but if you feel unsure of the tutorial is still a lot of (sorry) that are derived publis origin and likely origin copas (copy paste) and seemed to provide a guide or a half-hearted can use the add on from the fire fox own name is Tweak Network,

the settings are very easy and far from the mistakes that can damage the browser settings, and can easily return it to the default browser setting fire fox us
how to use them :

1. Download add onnya
2. Install and restart firefox
3. In the toolbar click tools - tweak network settings, then a confirmation window
will appear
4. Click ok and when the menu appears click on the settings powe
5. Click Apply and OK, restart fire fox and try to feel the difference

Please note loading speed of your Internet access is also very much depends on how much bandwidth speed you have only ad on this attempt to optimize the loading speed of the browser firefox, internet connection if you use unstable or slow the speed of loading will also be disrupted.

Download txt url add on ==> HERE <== hopefully useful

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