Guns N'Roses, Releases New Album Through Formation

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cooldesak - Through the formation of new, Axl Rose again released the latest album Gun N'Roses is already 17 years old so it stopped. In fact this album has been started since 1994 in garap back, but new this year, exactly 23 November upcoming album 'Chinese Democracy' will be released in the market.

Appear in the years since 80'an, Gun N'Roses, known as the band who have cadas flow rock. Album that sold up to 90 million pieces, and still has its own fan, it makes Axl decided to rebuild the band has been raising his name. Despite the personnel without long ago decided in 2002 formed a new band, The Velvet Underground, Axl does not stop steps.

Through the world tour that was held, Axl Rose (vocal), Dizzy Reed (keyboard), Tommy Stinson (bass), Chris Pitman (programming), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron Thal (guitar) and Frank Ferrer (drums), re - memory remind fans through songs that used to print the hits, including Sweet Child O'Mine, November Rain and Welcome To The Jungle.

Contains 14 songs, one entitled 'If The World' which is the soundtrack of movie 'Body Of Lies', as one of the campaign management to push up album sales later, as well as some songs that first spread on the Internet through the hacker.

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