Hancook, Superhero a lonely and disheveled

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Hancock Movie
Genre : Action / Adventure
Starring : Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron, Eddie Marsan
Director : Peter Berg
Screenwriter : Vỹ Vincent Ngo, Vince Gilligan
Producer : Akiva Goldsman, Michael Mann, Will Smith, James Lassiter

Adult (full scene of violence)

This film tells about the super hero who fails the self as a super hero who usually preferred the more adored even.

I actually like her less in the Will Smith super hero movie like this, because the more I like him in movies like "The Pursuit Happiness" or "I Robot" etc., but not in Hancock.

This film tries so many things at once enter into a story, the film with a lot of climax. First, the role as superhero who does not initially preferred. Second, the reason why he can be up to super hero. Third, the past and the Hancock is actually the fourth, the story's love triangle. Fiuh ... too complex.

Hancock begins with the action combat crime, this film successfully hit. Some funny scenes spiced with the sweet.

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Hancock is a drunkard who has super strength, can fly and anti-missile. Hancock can not be hurt by anything. Unfortunately, one super hero who is fun to fail a lot of people's hearts, because it always creates confusion and damage to public facilities. Until a time he claimed to account for the material losses that may result from the action Hancock.

Hancock meeting with Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) in a rescue action in the Hancock railway to rescue Ray, bear friendship between them. Ray who then blandish Hancock entered the prison and stand there a few weeks to restore the good name of a Hancock.

True allegations Ray, Hancock and then called by the police to fight criminals footpad bank. Of course, Hancock was successfully achieved with careful community Seeing the sermon sermon-Ray.

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this is the first climax. That make this story too many is the fact that Hancock is a husband and wife Ray past. Hancock and Mary (Charlie Theron), Ray's wife is two imortal creature that so long as they live separately. But if they are together, they return as a normal human being. New problems appear in this film.

Climax when the two are both fighting against the criminals who are pursuing their thousands of years ago (when they were still together). As we guess, they win. But the love triangle between Ray, Mary Hancock, and has not been completed. They must make a choice of whom to whom. Hancock eventually pull out of the Mary importal that they continue.

I like movies from this : the shaking of paste in the middle of the action is
The less I like : the film story is less focused, so less bite. It's better
made only one problem, but in the main discussion.

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  1. gaga&gaga // March 30, 2009 at 12:57 AM  

    I think any movie that Will does is a sweet one! Hey we hope the 'I am legend 2' will be out soon. :) wooot!..

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