Adding RAM With The Flashdisk

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Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data temporarily in the computer. The more applications that we open, the more RAM is also used. There are ways to add RAM to take advantage of the flash (data storage), with additional software (application) eBooster.exe, we can increase our RAM without having to buy new RAM.

We often use the computer, because the enjoyed, we open Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Access, plus AdobePhotoShop, CorelDraw. Then we want to Winamp to listen to the music. But suddenly we hang the computer, Alias dead. Why is this happening?

Because the capacity of RAM is exhausted, RAM (Random Access Memory) commonly used to store data in computers. This means the data can only be viewed on screen, but we have not saved to storage media, such as Hardisk, flash, CD Room, and so forth.

The more applications that we open in our computer, the more likely that we use the RAM. As an illustration of RAM as follows. Eg in the computer we installed RAM with a capacity of 512 Mb. Each application will be open that we need RAM, or easily open each individual application we then have a supply of RAM will be reduced.

For instance, for example, if we open a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word will then need temporary memory (RAM) of 300 Mb (not the actual data, because I had not need Microsoft Word to measure how much memory to be able to walk), the supply of RAM that is live ( 512-300 = 212 Mb). If we reopen the application can not be more than 212 Mb, if the application dibukan exceeds 212 Mb, eg Microsoft Excel memory required is 300 MB, the computer will Hang (OVER CLOCK), because the memory requirement for running the program is not enough.

To increase the capacity of RAM is usually we need to purchase additional RAM, to be larger.

However, the material in this time we will increase the capacity of RAM with FLASHDISK, with the argument, that can work double-flash can be used for RAM can also save data. The greater capacity of flash, then the larger the RAM, which you can add.

We need eBooster.exe software, which can be download in here

After a successful download eBooster.exe us, then we need to install. Right-click on the

Figure 1. Installing eBooster_beta.exe

After click Open as Figure 1 above, then the option will exit the installation language, such as below:

Figure 2. Language options

Select only the English language (English), because for the Indonesian language has not been there. Click Ok, then installation will exit the dialog like Figure 3, below:

Figure 3. Installation dialog.

Click next to continue, it will come out after the approval of the founder dialog, as Figure 4. below :

Figure 4. Dialog approval

Click I agree to continue, and then placing the file dialog appears as Figure 5 below:

Figure 5. Placement of the file dialog.

From Figure 5 above, click Next to continue, then exit the dialog installation as below:

Figure 6. Installation

6 of the image above, click Install to continue, wait until the exit dialog like Figure 7, below.

Figure 7. Installation is complete

Radio button in the select reboot now to improve the installation, and then select the finish to continue. Then the computer will restart in. After restar process is complete, then the dialog appears as below, and click OK to continue.

Figure 8. Dialog software update

Results and Practice
After installation is complete, enter the flash to the computer. After clicking Ok in Figure 8. it will exit the dialog like Figure 9, below:

Figure 9. Select additional memory

Of the image 9, select click on the cache size, then select the flash, and then click OK as Figure 10, below:

Figure 10. Select to add flash memory (RAM)
From Figure 10 above, select the G: \ for the flash, then click OK. It will seem that the RAM or the memory we have been increasing.

Figure 11. Drive G (Flashdisk) was active as a RAM

From Figure 11, above shows that the G Drive (flash) was to function as RAM, the RAM in the computer we have 2, the flash disk and the RAM itself

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