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Lingoes is a free dictionary software for your desktop that can be used both as a translator is done online or offline. To make a translation online that require an internet connection, Lingoes supports translation from Google Translate, Translation Yahoo, Yahoo Babelfish, Click2 Translation, Cross Language, Translation Baidu, SYSTRAN, Reverso Translation, Excite Japan, KODENSHA, Huajian Translation, LEC Translation, and LingvoBit . For offline dictionary, provided only Lingoes dictionary Essential English Dictionary (English-English) can be added later but the dictionary-dictionary that can be downloaded from the website Lingoes. A number of other tools are also available on Lingoes.

Options dictionary that can be downloaded and used by Lingoes enough and diverse, such as the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate ® Dictionary, Webster's New World Essential Vocabulary, WordNet English Dictionary, Macmillan English Dictionary - American, Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia, dictionary terms and hundreds of cross-language dictionary and didapatinya including dictionary English-Indonedia Indonesia and English.

To use it, first download the main program Lingoes, after the new download dictionary-dictionary that you want to use. To add a dictionary to Lingoes, simply run the file. Ld2 downloaded, then after that will be included in the selection of Lingoes.

Lingoes also provide opportunities to those who want to add the dictionary to provide a specific format and write the dictionary next to the email sent through Lingoes made to a file.Ld2 ready to use.

Lingoes programs on, other than as a dictionary program, has also included Apendix that contains a variety of additional applications are quite diverse, such as Currency Converter (online), weights and Measures converter, International Dialing Codes, International Time Zone Converter, The International phonetic Alphabet (2005), Periodic Table of the Elements, Calculator, Base64 encode / Decode, MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 Algorithms, Irregular verbs, and a number of other apendix which can be downloaded from the website Lingoes.

With the added number of apendix than dictionary-dictionary, Lingoes later software can be a knowledge of all there is. More good, than the version that can be installed, available Lingoes portable that can be used from the media such as USB drives. So go wherever, Lingoes and can be taken.

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