Changing the Desktop Display With BumpTop

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Are you already bored with your desktop display? If you want to change the desktop to it is the view, you can try using BumpTop. BumpTop is a software to change the Windows desktop into view three-dimensional (3D) with the form as in rooms with wall-floor and walls. On the fourth floor and walls, you can place a shortcut icon, the icon on the desktop before, sticky note, and also the image slideshow.

If an in-wall BumpTop double-click the wall will be the side facing you and the changes to this rotation, along with transition effects. To return to the default position, you can double-click on empty area on the floor.

For shortcut icon have placed on the BumpTop, can be grouped in the form of a stack so that desktop icon appear more liberal. If the stack icon is double-click on the stack this will expand in and you can choose which program or file that will be executed. To quickly grouping, BumpTop provide grouping based on file types with the right-click and select the pile by Type. Shortcut icon and you can move the group to the area you want, including zoom in and zoom out appearance.
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Facilities adding a photo or slideshow image can you do with taking photos in the directory in a computer or from online services such as Flickr or Picasa Web RSS feed by entering it.

To this purpose a specific event reminder or just a short note, BumpTop also provides Sticky Note that later you can place it on the area you want. The default icon that is included in the BumpTop is a New Email, Facebook and Twitter. By doing drag a photo or image will then upload them to Facebook. Double-click the icon Twitter, then you can make updates to the service's social network.

To select the appropriate theme BumpTop taste, you can see and select the various options in BumpTop theme third theme next to the default BumpTop own. To use the theme of the download, you can unpack and put the folder in the directory C: \ Documents and Settings \ \ Application Data \ bump Technologies, Inc. \ BumpTop \ Themes later on, so this theme will be included in the list of options on the Settings BumpTop theme.

BumpTop comes in two versions of the free (free) and paid, and the option to use a free can you do when you first run BumpTop, and this of course with some limitations. For just the facilities I mentioned above, is available on a free choice.

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