Limit Use of Program With Applocker

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Whether in the computer that you have used the program or application that you want to restrict its use by others? If you have, rather than hiding the program shortcut, simple program to use Smart-X AppLocker you can try. By using this program, you can configure the program what you want locked, and when you run a program that people will not be executed.

To enter the program what you want to restrict then you choose from the programs that already have or you can add other programs by entering the name and executable file (. Exe) from the program.

Applocker Setting
Do not forget to click the Save each you open a lock or a key program. Then when the program is run then locked in a message like this will appear.
Applocker Soft Locked
I say the application is still simple, in addition to the simplicity and ease of use, AppLocker do not have security devices such as a password when entering the program are adding applications that will be locked or opened. So it is very possible when people can run this AppLocker then he will be able to open their own programs that are locked.

For certain purposes, can be AppLocker really useful for you.

– Smart-X AppLocker

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