Nokia 6750 Mural
This News is still pre-release from Nokia, the middle of preparing for a Nokia mobile phone for AT & T, which is published on the FCC website. Nokia 6750 mobile phone or Mural is a creation of the latest Nokia mobile phone, a clamshell-shaped, plus the key practical music player, and a display outside the shell is hidden behind the glass.

In the FCC website, mentioned that the Nokia 6750 mobile phone will have 3G speeds, with the UMTS 850/1900 bands used by AT & T. In addition, the Nokia 6750 phone that will be present with microSD memory card slot up to 8GB capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 2 megapixel camera with flash.

On the keypad there is the "CV" to service AT & T Cellular Video. However, still not known whether the system in the Nokia 6750 mobile phone or this Mural will running, if the operating system, such as S60 smartphone on the other, including the Nokia 6650 Fold.

Mural Device is a mobile phone handset dual-band 3G, and will be launched first in the U.S. this year. Nokia 6750 mobile phone is also equipped with key features music, dual display and mobile phone design is glossy.

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