Google Sky Map
Now, Google has to update own web search features, on Tuesday (12 / 5) ago. New feature is called "Sky Map", which is easier for users to its mobile phone, T-Mobile G1 or Android mobile phone with the software, to know astrology when they map to see the night sky. Sky Map application will use GPS (Global Positioning System) and set the date data and also the time to know the kind of object space. "For example you want to see Venus, the user can see the map in the sky around Venus and the object that encircle the planet is." Said Google.

Google gives "Search Options" that allows the user to narrow the search results from within 24 hrs ago, weeks ago, or years ago. Features "Search Options" also make the user can limit their search results based video, product reviews, and forum posts in the topic-specific topic.

"We want to help Google Search users when they want to display the information useful, and they can do something useful in it. Search Options feature is a collection of tools that the user can customize the search results and create a different view to find what they are looking for more quickly and easily. "Said Marissa Mayer, Google vice president.

Google is also adding new features of the tool called "Google Squared" which will be present at the end of this month. "Not like other normal search engine, Google Squared is not showing web pages per topic, but it automatically retrieve and compile all the facts from the Internet website." Added Google.

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