Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition

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You most likely already know Ad-Aware, anti-spyware program that many people say to use the Windows user. Currently, Ad-Aware have entered the age of 10 a year, and is associated with the developer as Lavasoft Ad-Aware has been released Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition. Released anniversary edition is not limited to Ad-Aware Pro and Ad-Aware Plus is a paid, but also for Ad-Aware Free which can be used for free for personal use.

Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition comes with a number of improvements and new features, including:

1. Ad-Watch Live! Basic, the facilities real-time protection that is integrated

2. The efficiency of system resource usage

3. Lavasoft SmartSet, the facilities to make it easier to do in the scanning and cleaning with the settings to provide the scanning terkonfigurasi recommendations and actions that can be done if the infection is found

4. Customizable Scans Profile, which is a facility to create a profile scanning, for example, a profile used for the folders only

5. External drive scanning, scanning to make external storage media such as iPod, external hard drives, USB flash drive, or other devices

6. Pin-Point Scanning, to be able to provide a way of scanning with the right file or folder is also included to send the file to the Ad-Aware through ThreatWork facility for analysis

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