GAZA - Tired of war and be excommunicated with the international world, Hamas began to yell out the word peace. Petinggi Hamas yesterday (29 / 1) said that they are willing to agree on long-term cease-fire as long as the entire border was opened.

"We want to be part internationally. There is no interest for Hamas to add a crisis or challenge the world," said petinggi Hamas, Ghazi Hamad, told Associated Press.

22 days Israel aggression demolish Hamas in the Gaza Strip is torment the local people. Among the 1,300 victims killed, more than half are children and women. Most of the settlements with the flat land. In fact, on Wednesday (28 / 1), Israel beringas a tunnel-back bomb tunnels in Rafah, Gaza-Egypt border, with a reply to rationalize the death of their soldiers who died when the bomb due to patrol near the Gaza border a day earlier. One more civilian lives drift.

However, a number of people still doubting seriousness release Hamas political principles. Hamas may not apostate from the hard line that dianutnya long. Moreover, they would still not recognize Israel.

"Our hand is open to a dialogue with other countries, without any conditions, except Israel," said another Hamas petinggi, Yet Even al-Masri.

Meanwhile, yesterday the United States Special Messenger of Peace for the Middle East George J. Mitchell has set foot in Egypt and Jerusalem. He came with the mission of realizing the idea President Barack Obama, that is, make a permanent cease-fire between Hamas with Israel.

"We open the hands of wide-width if you want to release the fist," said Obama in a January 20 speech pelantikannya ago.

The statement was clearly aimed at those who are considered political confessional lines such as Hamas and hard Iran. So far, Obama has not plan to direct dialogue with Hamas. For, Hamas is still listed as terrorist organizations in the preceding political books, George W. Bush.

In a meeting with Mitchell yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert put the requirements if Hamas agreed intend long-term cease-fire and the door opened the border. Namely, an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, a Hamas militant thralled two and a half years ago, must be released first. Terms of diamini Mitchell points while adding others, the smuggling of weapons and illegal killing of Hamas fighter from the tunnel and the border.

The Jewish state on February 10 will be the upcoming election that promised to open all the captives if the blockade is submitted, including Karni, cargo terminal with Israel into the pockets of economic Gaza.

As with other petinggi West, Mitchell did not schedule a dialogue with Hamas. Israel also rejected the long dialogue with Hamas. "Dialogue with Hamas as a terror organization is a strategic mistake. For, Israel will only be dialogue with the moderate," firmly Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni last week.

In the same development, after Venezuela freeze the size of the ambassador from Caracas on January 6, the turn of Israel to drive out Venezuela's ambassador Jerusalem. Ambassador of Venezuela Roland Betancourt and two other diplomats to leave Israel diultimatum at least today.

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