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After passing through Beta 1 and Beta 2, Microsoft yesterday launched the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1, and see if the version that was released yesterday for Windows XP that I download a written Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 Through homepage Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft has stated that the last development of this browser is faster, easier, and more secure to use. Of course, this new claim the author, need time to test the truth, and ultimately, success depends on the number of users who want to use it.

New features that are presented to the Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC1 include:

1. Accelerator

It is a facility that can be used by users of Internet Explorer 8 to speed in accessing information and application-specific, such as to translate a word that are, a map showing the preview of an address, quoted the text in any posts blog, put it in an email that will be written, and more. When first installed, IE 8 already entered a number of accelerator that is ready to use, and to add Microsoft has provided Gallery Accelerator can be selected according to user needs. Access to appear with Accelerator can select text and click the arrow without the right-up that appears.

2. InPrivate Browsing

Is a feature of IE 8 to be able to browse the web without leaving the impression that the activities have been conducted such as which sites you have visited (history), temporary files, the data included in the web form, and cookies. To start InPrivate Browsing, can be done by opening a new browser tab and click the Open an InPrivate Browsing window, then browse through the new window that appears. If this mode is active, the text will appear InProvate on the left side of the address bar.

3. Web Slices

Is a feature of the IE 8 that can be used to monitor the update content in a website page so that it does not need to visit each time you want to view them, simply through the Favorite Bar.

Seem to feature Web slices this support will depend on a web page on the Web slices. To try to feature Web slices, can be tried with the search for items on Ebay through address and navigate the cursor on the item so that a green icon appears. To monitor the development of the item, click the icon and displayed on the confirmation for Favorite Bar.

4. Search Suggestions

Features of the search suggestions from the search provider that is used to display additional information, including the possibility of a visual display. With the improvement of search suggestion feature is expected to speed up access to the information being sought.

5. SmartScreen Filter
New features that are presented to display a message when a user access to the address identified as dangerous to distribute malware or theft of personal data.

Through testing Acid3 Test to assess how IE 8 RC1 this is the standard web, Internet Explorer 8 RC1 failed to score and only got 20/100, and some other browser has been reached in the development of the score is even better is reached 100/100 such as Opera 10.0 Alpha 1, Chromium Build 8080, and Safari 4 Developer Preview.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC 1 can be downloaded by adjusting the version of Windows that is used through the links below :

Windows XP

Windows XP 64-bit Edition

Windows Vista

Windows Vista 64-bit Edition

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 64-bit Edition

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 64-bit Edition

Things to note is for users of Windows XP SP3 had been using the Internet Explorer 8 Beta. With direct install Internet Explorer 8 RC1 both the Service Pack 3 and Internet Explorer 8 RC1 will not be able diuninstall, only upgrade to new versions in the future. To avoid this problem that can be said to be making life and takes the Uninstall Windows XP SP3, Uninstall IE8 Beta, Re-install Windows XP SP3 and IE8 Install new RC1. Other notes about the problem of upgrading to Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC 1 for each version of Windows can be read through IEBlog.

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