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We all know the course is in the image search through Google Image Search, we can limit the size of the desired image size options based on whether the small, medium, large, or very large. Options are relative size. If for example we want the Google Images search results display only the image size width and length of a course, have known of the existence of a search service that has not been in the documentation that is imagesize, as I read from Google Operating System.

Use of search operators imagesize is imagesize: WIDTHxHEIGHT with another search service and its keywords.

Search results in the picture above is an example by entering imagesize: 256 × 256 filetype: png music that displays the images sized 256 × 256 pixels with the extension.Png and related music.

Imagesize use of this service can be so useful when you want to search for images such as a standard-sized wallpaper, icon, avatars, banners, and more.

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