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Views such as the above is a view that will be enjoyed once finished installing Windows 7 Beta using the default theme. According to my very clean and simple. On the right-bottom will appear Watermark with Windows 7 - For testing purposes only. Build 7000, as found in the release of regular-beta release of Windows. This can be can be a reminder that Windows is still used in the Beta phase and users are expected to understand this situation and do not use it for purposes outside to try. Bugs and problems will very likely have on this product.

I show a screenshot on this article may only highlight some of which can be viewed on the desktop Windows 7 Beta. Most of the results of image hosting my screenshots on Flickr, and to see a full view of each, please click on the image shown here, select the All Size on Flickr, choose Original Size.

Pictures above display is a desktop theme after I change the default options to Landscape theme that has been included. For Windows 7 Beta English, the theme could have chosen four, namely Windows 7, Landscape, Light Auras, and Nature. Each theme comes with some of the wallpaper will change automatically to a certain time. To change the theme can be done with the right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, the same as in Windows Vista.

Options are presented on the theme of Windows 7 Beta version adapted to the selected language. However, with the choice of a particular theme that should present Windows 7 beta for other languages is possible to use. If you have the opportunity, I will write itself.

Taskbar is one of the changes that can be viewed on the desktop Windows 7 Beta with the use of icons are large. This is the Windows 7 Superbar. By default, the window the same program will be an icon on the taskbar and when the movement to the mouse in the taskbar icon, will display a thumbnail of the window. With the mouse over to one of the thumbnail, the window size is also shown behind the scenes that may be expected to help the user to ensure the selection window will open with a click. From the thumbnail window, are also given access to actually close the window by clicking the button to the right cross-over thumbnail.

In the settings through right-click on the taskbar and select Properties you can set how you want taskbar settings, such as the Lock the taskbar, Auto hide the taskbar, Use small icons, Taskbar location on the screen (Bottom, Left, Right, Top), peneglompokkan Taskbar button ( Always combine, Combine when taskbar is full, never combine), and also the Use Desktop Preview (if the active me-will minimize the active window when mouse over at the end of the taskbar).

Windows 7 Taskbar present this seems to integrate functions that have Quick Launch in Windows before. By default, the taskbar is no icon for access to Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and Windows Media Player. When other programs are opened, the icon will also appear in the taskbar, for example, and want the icon to access the program on the taskbar is always there, then when the program opens, right-click and select the iconnya Pin this to taskbar. Later though the program is closed, this shortcut icon will remain on the taskbar.

When several windows in one program open, such as mentioned above, with the default settings will be grouped on a single icon in the taskbar. By clicking the right icon to see history has ever opened a window that will change based on last access. When a web page (for example, in Internet Explorer) or documents that still want to appear on this list, then we can pin-menge it and later will go to the Pinned list will still appear when right-click the icon in the taskbar.

If seen on the right side taskbar, as in the previous Windows, there is a system tray icon, the program icon is active. Number of icon that is displayed directly only a few are, and more will be displayed with the view on the arrow at the top of the left and the rest of the icon will be displayed in the area khusu that appears on top of it, not to the side. Special icon to safely remove hardware such as USB flash if connected, the Windows 7 Beta I see this more informative to give the device its name.

If you see the Start Menu, I see it looks more or less the same with Windows Vista, including features realtime search so typing in the input Start Search, and see the results there seems to be improvised compared to Windows vista.

Still in the system tray, alert-warning security related issues are one of dimuculkan Action Center icon. For initial installation of Windows 7 Beta, warning that appears is the beradaannya antivirus program and not the scanning is a computer with Windows Defender.

If we do right click on the desktop, we will find a shortcut Screen Resolution allows faster access to Display menu and set the screen resolution. Here also found shortcut Gadget in Windows Vista that is set on a special sidebar on the right, to display the settings for the gadget-gadget that you want to show.

When a window opens digeser to the right or left then a shadow will appear at the back to give a sign that the food is released when shifting the window will fill half the screen. If you drag this window directed to the top of the window will be maximize.

That's a little screenshot of the desktop and I can explain at this time, hopefully can give a little description of the initial view that will be encountered after installing the Windows 7 Beta.

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