Remove Of Watermark Text In Windows 7 Beta

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As I showed yesterday, on the desktop Windows 7 Beta Watermark text there is Windows 7 - For testing purposes only. Build 7000. Possible objective is to remind that the current use is the Beta of Windows 7 by the author has not considered itself as a product. If this is the purpose and so you need not be reminded again that the Windows 7 Beta is already installed you only for the purpose of testing, so can you have the desire to remove the Watermark text.

One way that can be used quickly is to use software Remove Watermark. In addition to Windows 7, Remove Watermark version 0.4 can also be used to remove the Watermark similar on Windows Vista and Server 2008. Remove Watermark can be used for both 32-bit and 64 bit, and also for all languages.

To use, download and extract Remove Watermark in a folder. Extract the folder from the file select RemoveWatermarkX86.exe for Windows 7 Beta 32-bit or RemoveWatermarkX64.exe file for Windows 64-bit. Run with the right-click and select Run as Administrator. Will appear next Command prompt window that asks whether you want to patch this. You just type Y if you want to continue the process.

At the command prompt window, you will get information tahapannya each successful case, the backup file name, and the message that, to see the results, the computer must direstrat first. Press [Enter] to close the window.

If the process runs successfully, after you restart Windows 7 Beta, you no longer find that Watermark text does not exist anymore. No text reminder, you must still remember that the Windows 7 beta is still used, intended for testing purposes.

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