Level Use FireFox 2 Biggest In Indonesia

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Mozilla Firefox 3 was released about eight months ago, in an event that is named Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 and has been making the software as the most number of downloads within 24 hours of more than eight million. After that, of course there are still millions of downloads occur. Specifically in the use of Firefox, Firefox 3 at this time is a version of the most widely used, even the majority of users do updates, but so, according to notes of Firefox, about 15% users are still using Firefox 2, and Indonesia became the largest level of use of Firefox 2 it is equal to 30.5%.

Based on the notes, approximately 30.5% of the overall use of Firefox in Indonesia is still using Firefox 2, and Mozilla has made the last release of Firefox in December 2008 as the last update Firefox 2. By still using Firefox 2, the problems that might occur can be fixed will be a problem because it is no longer a concern Mozilla.

Therefore, for you or other users around you are still using Firefox 2, or even earlier, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 3. If you do not know the version of Mozilla Firefox you use, you can mengeceknya through the Help menu - About Mozilla Firefox. If in fact still Firefox 2, you can upgrade via the menu Help - Check for Updates, or download directly from the website at the address http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox

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