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What is presented and shown in website is simple, a form that can be made early when you want to download the audio file, movie, image, flash or any other element of a web page. After entering the URL of a web page, says the agreement on Terms of Service and filter the file type you want to download, you will be presented a link to download the file you want.

For example, by entering a URL address of your video on YouTube, and filter Movies, then you will be given a link to download the file. Flv and. Mp4. Right-click on the link and select Save link as or Save target as through the browser, or also with the download manager.

Similarly when you want to download mp3 music from a band's profile page in MySpace or it displays the media player, enter the address of the profile and filter audio files, it will display the download link mp3 files that can be downloaded with a choice of quality if possible.

Other example is when you want to download the flash file from a web page, enter the address and filter webnya Objects, it will be given a link to download the file .Swf is on the page. is just one of the ways and tools to download files that are in a certain web page. If you really like the way you use it only have capital browser without installing anything, you might try and treat it.

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