Saving Images In Gmail With GPhotoSpace

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By using the Firefox extension called GSpace, you can use Gmail as a storage place for the file directory. With the same approach, a Firefox extension called GPhotoSpace that you can use your Gmail as a storage place for photos with full facilities and also the making of the album as a medium for sharing images to friends and acquaintances you.

After GPhotoSpace install and restart Firefox, you can run GPhotoSpace through the menu Tools - GPhotospace or by clicking the icon in the status bar GPhotospace Firefox.

To enter, you can log in using your Gmail account to be used. Unfortunately this is limited to, can not use the account from Google Apps. When entering, the interface is still faced with the nuances Gmail menus GPhotospace property.

Here, you can begin to create photo albums with deskripsinya and choose which photos to upload. Do not forget to access the menu settings to determine the maximum of the image that will be used, the greater the better quality but the upload time will be long and will eat the bigger Gmail space. After the album is saved, the list of albums you can send the album to a friend or acquaintance with you to fill in the email address. Later your friend will receive them as email attachments usually contain pictures in the album. If for example your friend using GPhotospace also, it will be received as an album in GPhotospace them.

To note that the photos in an album that is uploaded when viewed from Gmail, it will appear as an email attachment containing this and will take the capacity that you have Gmail. What's that you upload will appear in the Sent Mail folder in Gmail. If you really like the way images are GPhotospace this style, you may need to create a new Gmail account specifically for this purpose.

Currently, GPhotospace available only for Firefox users in Windows and Mac.

– GPhotoSpace

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