Have you ever caught are using social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter? Do not worry, because according to a study from Australia, those who surf the Internet for entertainment at the office have increased productivity compared to those who do not.

University of Melbourne to study and found that those who use the Internet for personal average productivity has a 9% higher than those who do not use it.

Author studies, Bren Coker, department of management and marketing, says "workplace leisure browsing the Internet," or WILB help enhance the concentration of workers.

“Orang-orang perlu keluar sebentar untuk mendapatkan kembali konsentrasi mereka,” kata Coker pada situs universitas ( www.unimelb.edu.au/)

"Rest is a short and mild, such as surfing the Internet allows the mind to rest himself, creating a net concentration is higher in a day job, and as a result, increased productivity," he said.

According to studies conducted on 300 workers, 70% of workers who use the Internet in the hours of work to do WILB.

Summary WILB the most popular of which are seeking information about a product, read the news sites online, play online games and watch videos on YouTube.

"The company has remove millions of dollars to the software that can block employee access to watch videos, use social networking sites or shop online with the presumption that it will burden the cost of millions of dollars worth of productivity," said Coker. "But things do not always like that."

However, Coker said the study was done only to people who use the time to surf less than 20% of their total working time in the office.

"They have a behavior that seems addicted internet will levels have a lower productivity than those who do not," he said.

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