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Have a unique name of the code for each release of the Firefox browser, has become the tradition to give a name for Mozilla Firefox based on the code name of national parks in the world. After the name chosen for the Shiretoko version 3.5 which is the name of a national park in Hokkaido Japan, further development of the Firefox name to take the national park which is located in Madagascar, the Namoroka.

Giving the version number 3.6 to the next version of Firefox is still a temporary list of features and especially the planned increase in quite a lot. As in previous series of development plans, objectives and features are developed based on priorities. Based on srtikel the post by Mike Beltzner, director of product from Firefox, this is some of them.

Priority First:

* Performance: the browser will get the startup tab and open more quickly (the time at least 50ms), and the increase in terms of overall responsifitas to add animation effects for every action, such as make and move the tab, create bookmarks, and other . Chrome (and earlier Mac OS X) already proved how animated effects can make a difference so that the browser is faster, and likely will soon be implemented in Firefox 3.5, which is presently akan slide. The Mozilla also plans to enter the animation effects in XUL (XML User Interface Language) at the platform level, so not only Firefox but all XUL-based applications (Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock, songbird, and others) will benefit from it.

* Feature that has long awaited: the themes and extensions will be activated immediately without the need to restart your browser is also included in the plan released this time. But, does not apply to all add-ons, themes and extensions only light / simple chrome or not to use cross-platform components (XPCOM).

# Inter-face is better to download the file. Easier for you to download a file, simply drag & drop to one or more files to upload box on the site without having to click the Browse button. This feature is you can taste through the add-ons Dragdropupload

# Concatenate the settings for the site-specific public key with your site.

# Adding the option to convert a web application into your desktop applications, which means to bring one of the add-ons from Mozilla Lab, the Prism into Firefox.
# Support for Superbar: The use of Aero Glass for Firefox toolbar to get the effect so transparent to users Windwos Vista and 7. Aero peek will also be supported by Firefox, the ability to be able to show a thumbnail of each tab in the browser specialized in Windows 7.
Mozilla Namoroka

Priority two:

# Management session: the ability to save a set of tabs and the situation at that time so you can re-open it as you wish.

# Adding the ability to manage files on the download manager (move, copy, delete)

# Taskfox: A project that was introduced two weeks ago that aimed to deliver the capability of the Ubiquity command line to perform tasks common to the main Firefox code.

# New Tab: new tab page is no longer empty, but will be added a variety of useful features, such as a list of frequently visited sites, a new tab is closed, the search box, and so forth.
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.6

# Page about me: The page will display basic statistics about the behavior of the browsing your history. This feature will also be included in Firefox 3.5.

# Identity management: there are no clear details about what will be implemented, but CardSpace and openid both incoming long list of features in Firefox 3 two years ago.

# Feature in Mac OS X: Spell checker (spell checker), Keychain (global password management), and AppleScript support (macro language) will also be included but is not currently a priority. User browser Camino (Mac OS-specific browser-based render engine Gecko) has long felt the feature so it will be easy to move if some code to Firefox.

The estimate of the Mozilla version of this operation takes about 10 months, so we can hope Namoroka will be finished in May 2010.

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