FireShot To Take Screenshot On Web Page

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Fire Shot Pro
Simple way to take screenshots or display is by using the Print Screen key on the keyboard and paste in the image editor program or other applications. For convenience in the area are also taken and processing, can also use a screen capture program such as special PicPick Tools that I have written before. Especially for a screenshot of a web page, another alternative that can be used is to use FireShot. Unlike his brother with Screenshot Studio only provides a free trial, Fireshot can be used free of charge but are presented only as an extension for both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer with the option of upgrading to the Pro version of it.

After you install the add-on FireShot, for example, for Mozilla Firefox, then later you will find a new logo button and the button FireShot is a screenshot of the web pages that are opened can be started. Than through the button, the screenshots can also be done from the context menu when right-click on the web page. For processing the image captured, FireShot is also equipped with image editor with the image editing process can be done as croping doing, change size, add text, annotation, and certain effects.

Fire Shot Editor
After the editing is done, the next you can do is save the image to your computer, send it via email, to the clipboard to copy, upload to image hosting (, print to a printer, or send to an external image editor, which is determined previously. To access these functions, can be done through the icons in the Firefox status bar.

FireShot is only of limited use for taking screenshots of a web page, but if you have to take a screenshot in it more often for this purpose, no one try this FireShot.

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