Maximizing the Region Specific Window With Maxto

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At present, large monitors with high resolution that seems to have many uses. On their use, can be a high resolution is not needed by many applications that are used in place window (window) appearance. Some of you may have set the size of such applications for several window visible at a time in the monitor, so you can see at once the contents of each window and ease move from one window to another window. Use of programs intended to ease MaxTo share monitor display area into multiple regions, and when a window is maximize then will occupying the region chosen.

MaxTo with the installer to its small size (169 KB), the expected size of some windows that will be placed can be seen at once to be easy.
Download Maxto
To have an application window occupy a region, first you need to move a window to the selected region, and further me-when you maximize the window it will meet the region's course. Region to another, you can select the application window you want to be placed with the region to consider the size and ease of use.

MaxTo | via Download Squad

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