Trillian Astra Beta

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Trillian Astra Beta
Most of you certainly know that the program Trillian is a multi protocol instant messenger generation early. While this is certainly a lot of these alternative applications such as Pidgin, or Digsby, for example. By using a program such as this, will allow you to connect simultaneously to the various instant messaging accounts you have, such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google talk, ICQ, Windows Live, and other. Trillian Astra own latest generation of Trillian is that after more than two years to be developed at this time have entered the beta phase and already you can try.

Download Trillian Astra Beta
On this Trillian Astra interface there are changes that I became better. In addition to use as a messaging application for the IM accounts that have been common, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, IRC, and other Windows Live and also the incoming email Notifier, a new version of Trillian also supports social service network Facebook and Twitter. By entering your Facebook account for instance, the update-update from your friends can follow you from Trillian Astra in the notification area on the system tray even if you are working with other applications. This way, you probably will not work while terlewatkan when you get a status update from your friend you need to comment on.

To be able to try Trillian Astra, you will need to register as a beta tester and then wait until Trillian send token code that is required at the time later to install Trillian Astra. From information I read on Lifehacker and Download Squad, and be direct with it when I enroll, token code needed akan directly received via email is included with download link.

Hopefully the course, when you want to try it out, the token code is still automatically sent to the registration.

– Register as Trillian Astra Beta Tester

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