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In the modern era that are all well advanced, SaaS will be needed by many companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals as the need for anywhere and anytime. People who do not carry the hardware such as laptops, mobile phones which have many applications that are installed and extra storage for that. With SaaS, people only need a small device (thin client) with all process and storage of data in the server / data center through internet connection.

Web-based delivery of business software, Software as a service (SaaS) is a continuation of the service that hosts business more successful in providing business solutions from its predecessors such as application service providers (ASPs). SaaS has a cost effective where you do not need to buy software licenses, but only users in accordance with the rent contract. And you do not need to spend the investment for installation, maintenance, and upgrade the software as a service provider who will do it for you and backup you with the operation and technical support professional.

Phase 2's of Hosted lotus notes Saas any business application offers a web-based integrated market segment including home and consumer, small business, medium and even big business. Lotus Notes to create a host file or data management in each department of the company that will be easier where each employee can direct download, read, print, or edit the document in the data center in accordance with the rights without waiting for data to be sent to them via email attachments. Hosted lotus notes 7.0 2, or 8.5 integrates high-end business applications including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Live Communicator, CRM Software, accounting software, and others with robust SaaS securities. Note this is not only powerful in dealing with email and document management systems, but also a web content management, contact management (CRM), RSS, instant messenger, video conferencing, and others. All data stored in a secure data server and can be accessed via client software, web browser and hosted lotus connections on mobile device. You only need internet access and you will have more time with them.

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