10 The Note's Must Know From Netbook

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According to Wired magazine in February, the netbook has been mentioned that the rules damage the computer hardware business, because behind the design of small and designed for email and Internet use, netbook with a smaller hard drive and slow, small keyboard and a cheaper price, make a netbook even can not run the main application, programs such as graphics, audio editing applications and video, as well as some 3D games. Here are some things that may indicate that not all netbook suitable for every user.

1. Operating system
Many Linux-based netbook has been due to cut production costs. In addition, because Linux is more stable, reliable and cheap rather than Windows. However, there are also netbook based Windows XP Home Edition. But the model netbook does not have technology, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, or to join a Windows domain server, as can be done in the system Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Business.

2. Size display
Netbook is designed for small, lightweight and portable. Many models have a netbook that size display only seven to nine inch. Indeed, some users happy with the small screen, but there also is not. For nine-inch screen like the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, for example, has support with the screen resolution 1024 × 600 pixels, Although the resolution has become a de facto standard PC, but the screen resolution eventually be used to netbook.

3. Batteries
Netbpl built from the initiative to build a simple laptop, which can also be used by children in developing countries, As a result, the system created netbook energy, considering netbook often used away from home and office. For the battery resistance, depending on how the manufacturers make a netbook model, from the CPU, hard disk, and display technology netbook.

4. Key pointer and keyboard
Themes netbook is small, especially for the keyboard and touchpad it. Most netbook brands, such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and MSI Wind, making the touchpad keyboard design, well-grounded in accordance with the size of a small netbook.

5. Storage
If the notebook is able to provide hard disk capacity 80GB, 160GB, or 250GB, but for some only provide style netbook SSD (Solid State Drive) of 16GB, and it is heavy enough to load Windows, and only leaving a little space to save the file.

6. Optical Drive
In addition, most of the netbook does not have a CD-ROM or DVD drive so that the user must use the hardware to install the software on the netbook.

7. Weight
Many of the netbook model weight of less than 1 kg to 1 kg. Netbook features a light weight, given that the side which is always carried Portability netbook.

8. Capacity
Many users who sometimes want to make them compatible with the netbook system office, and some netbook can work together for that.

9. CPU
Netbook can not be compared with the PC desktop. When the desktop PC can be supported by Intel quad-core 2.83GHz, netbook is more often choose to use the power of Atom Z530 1.6Ghz or 1.33GHz. Although the netbook processor chip is not enough to program graphics, most 3D games or technical applications, but the Atom chip is powerful enough to use to access email, surf the Internet, review and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentation applications. Performance was faster, the battery more extravagant, and this is not the main orientation netbook, considering netbook oriented more to the economy because of the use of batteries for traveling.

10. Wireless integration
Facilities for this one already considered by netbook manufacturers, ie, the Bluetooth connection and install some netbook also has a network Wi-Fi 802.11g. However, many users can connect to expect netbook with mobile broadband networks, such as laptop or netbook.

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