Spier Action On Facebook And Youtube

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Facebook social networking
Be careful when accessing social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and video sharing site YouTube. This is because the big companies and the government department that employs the company SR7, which is specifically tasked to reconnoiter the user site. SR7 own company is a special detective in the risk management and online reputation company, and claimed the only company in Australia that actively monitor social networking sites.

Detective activities are in fact already in progress since 8 months ago, in order to respond to the growth trend online, where many people are happy to deal with their social network profile. Not many know that the site is considered private are also used for the public. This caused the people should be careful when posting any posts or pictures, in order not to damage the brand and reputation.

Meanwhile, David Vaile, executive director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Center UNSW, said that the action can act SR7 excessive. This is because the SR7 has a complete connection with the company's industry and government institutions, so that the analysis and observation of SR7, can also be used to displace employees, especially for employees who access the careless when social networking sites.

As an example, some time ago, an employee of the sack because of a photo exhibit that is currently being bathed himself in the bathroom business. Detective activities are assessed Vaile, enough to make people become lazy to work, if need-matai eyes when access to social networking sites.

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