Windows 7 Release Candidate Released

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Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 7 Release Candidate (Windows 7 RC). This release is a release before Windows 7 final released. No information whatsoever is added and improved in Windows 7 RC compared Windows 7 Beta. Unfortunately also, the availability of Windows 7 RC at this time is for new partners such as Microsoft have a subscription to MSDN or TechNet, while for the public RC of Windows 7 available 5 May 2009 to come. Estimated, before the time expires, links data Windows 7 RC downloads from this source is not official, such as torrent.

Update: Based on information I read the page from Microsoft's partners before morning, for the public availability date is May 5th 2009. An error of type I and I are correct. However, the page for the Microsoft partner at the time I write this update is likely to return to the previous situation, without information on the RC release of Windows 7. Screenshot of the page before the availability of Windows 7 RC, can be seen here.

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