error installation Office 2010
An error has occurred during installation of Office 2010 build 14.0.4006.1010 64 bit, which seems to be released Microsoft Office 2010 32 bit and 64 bit in one DVD. In March, the Office 2010 64 bit is planned to be released, and in April, according to the site Ars, an error occurred in this Office in 2010. However, according to the Ars dilansir, there speculation that Office 2010 will be Microsoft.

So far, Microsoft still does not give detail of what will be done with Office 2010 this error. According to the site Ars, when installing Office 2010 in 64 bit Windows Vista, there is an error like the above image, which then requires the user to insert a disc the same again. In addition, there are any posts with a warning as below:

"If you want to install 64-bit Office 2010, you must uninstall all 32-bit Office products fist, and then run setup.exe in the x64 folder. If you want to install 32-bit Office 2010, close this setup. Then navigate to the x86 folder at the root of your CD/DVD and run setup.exe."

The text on the warning meant the same as Vista, where the product key can only be used for one version of Office 2010, a 32-bit or 64 bit software for the same.

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