Google Earth said Secret Japan Location Map

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When Google Earth have found the secret and older in Japan at the end of a year ago, Google does not think there will be a surprising response. Detail sketch prints image hidden locations that have long since have been posted on a website, and a map of Tokyo's history that has been be in 2006, also does not cause any problems.

However, a prediction that Google has found what Google Earth does not cause problems. Now, Google must face the demands of the Justice Department alleged the map and the location of low-caste community who have lived from time to time past. Map shows the location of the feudal period, where there are caste system. In the caste hierarchy of the bottom there is a class called "burakumin", an ethnic community that is identical with the Japanese in general, only those living in isolation, because of their work, such as working for the skin, kill the animals and dig graves.

Caste in fact have been long since removed, and buraku old village has now become a metropolis the city, although there are still descendants of the original burakumin of 3 million people in the meet location. However, the location of the modern village burakumin are not many people who know Japanese. While Google Earth has been to map out some areas, a village in Tokyo labeled "eta", a word which is considered an insult in the village or burakumin meaning 'dirty area'.

In response to allegations about the secret location appear and contempt village burakumin, Google responded that the government does not have the purpose to make it ugly, da side is very much concerned with human rights. Yoshito Funabashi, spokesperson for Google said, impeachment is not the map, but to its software, because the map is valid print in Japan. However, from the Judiciary, said that the area is a burakumin areas that reflect the cultural past that still exists in Japan and treated with either by the publisher and museum, to the public must be given the explanation with the location, but Google does not provide any explanation .

Different response launched by Takashi Uchino, from the center of Buraku Liberation League in Tokyo. "If you look a map of the location burakumin prohibited, the same that they have not." Takashi said.

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