Once exposed to phishing Facebook, Twitter now turn to be ill-fated in the hands of hackers. A hacker has been claiming origin French administrative panel access through Twitter with the Twitter email account on Yahoo, with access to the administrator password and then steal Twitter employees. Hacker is reported, can see the important data that belongs to President Barack Obama, Britney Spears and singer actor Ashton Kutcher.

In addition, the hackers claim to Croll called Hacker has 13 post screenschot admin panel Twitter. Screenshot of data including data internal account of the public figure in the top. Meanwhile, the parties have not responded to Twitter and comment on this. However, there are indications that the screenshot is legitimate, and indeed created by the hacker who attacked the Twitter admin account.

In the news in, hackers are saying that the action is just a social engineering, there is no exploitation, there is no XSS weaknesses, there is no backdoor, no sql injection, but the search is just a slit weaknesses Twitter. Hacker Croll also wrote that one of the admin have a Twitter account on Yahoo Mail, and he has reset the password with the security question. Then, in the mailbox, Croll hackers have found Twitter password from the Yahoo account owner.

News is still following the hacker attack wave worm that attacked Twitter in the beginning of the month April. In such cases, the worm variants have been the cause of action of spam without the legitimate user.

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