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Google Online News
The Google executive has to spend time talking about the journalism, and made CNET, Monday (11 / 5) and that Google intends to increase profits and incomes. Google has a discussion with The New York Times and The Washington Post about the possibility of collaboration, or investment. Howard Kurtz, representatives from The Washington Post revealed that Google has discussed with the executive with The Washington Post paper entitled improvisation in the making and a new online news presentation, with the help of employees and The Washington Post editor Philip Bennett, who worked to analyze the future of business in the news The Washington Post Company.

According to Kurtz, it is not yet clear how, but the talks between Google and The Washington Post ranging from creating a new web tool to technology for journalists or readers. Meanwhile, the Google, according to the MediaMemo's, said that meeting only informal meeting, and the always speak with a publisher to find creative ways to help them get money from online news content.

Meanwhile, separately, lapora of Fortune, stated that Google is giving serious thoughts to The New York Times to go before the business further. MediaMemo staff noted that The New York Times will follow discussions with Google, as well as with the Google collaboration with The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Google has its own claim on the idea of production content to its online news, and this is the first time Google's new discussions with the owner of The New York Times. Can be concluded, Google has begun to be interested, in addition to the web search industry, now look for the publishing industry combined with content online.

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