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Kindle Publishing for Blogs
Amazon, on Wednesday (13 / 5) yesterday have created a new program, Kindle Publishing for Blogs for Kindle e-reader, a program that allows bloggers to sell their blog through the Amazon Kindle store. Kindle Publishing Program for Blogs are present in the beta version, the user must request the sign-up for an account on the Amazon blog and provide background information to the Amazon, such as RSS feeds and blog.

According to Amazon, Kindle Blogs are now present automated wireless connection through Kindle. Amazon claims that 70 percent subscribe to the blog have to pay per month and 30 percent owned by the blogger. Examples that have been following the Kindle Publishing for Blogs like The Huffington Post, and blog The New York Times, who has been paying 99 cents to $ 1.99 per month. However, Amazon will give you a fixed cost if the blogger would like to offer a blog to its Kindle.

Amazon Services is present after the latest Kindle DX debut. Amazon also released Amazon Encore, a service 'repetition', to identify the author of the book and show the potential to get big sales. Amazon plans to use customer reviews to find books that may be hidden and then distribute it through multiple channels, such as Amazon Books Store, Amazon Kindle Store, a national bookstore and through resellers.

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