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Google Voice
Google has released Google Voice, an application which helps users to manage voice communication. Google Voice will be present for the user GrandCentral, a service that has been present since July 2007. Google Voice application is the use of color will add a mobile phone. Users can copy all or receive voicemail and explore all the SMS messages sent or received. Users can also use Google Voicemail services for international calls and easy access to a directory assistant goog-411.

Call button on the Google Voice is labeled with a green colour will open a box dialogue, facilitate the user to select a mobile phone is lost or want to look for and the number that you want to be contacted. When Click Connect, Google Voice first tones will blast phone wherever located. Then if the user and find it, then Google will be doing the Voice dial a number that has been entered.

As is known, GrandCentral offers many interesting features, including a number for home, office, mobile phone, a central voicemail inbox that is accessible to the web and display the ability to display the call list based on the name of the caller voicemail. If users want to use GrandCentral, users will receive instruction in GrandCentral inbox in a few days, on how to use Google Voice.

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