IE8 3x More Quick Compared Firefox ?

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Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft claims that the research results from Internet Explorer 8 is faster than 3:05 Firefox 1.0 and Google Chrome. Microsoft has produced 14 page report ( and video support that claim that IE8 has a speed of 3 times compared to Firefox and Chrome, when loading a web page. Results report and video Microsoft provides the first step in a campaign to win sympathy for the users and developers who now have started go leave IE8, Firefox, and prefer Chrome.

Meanwhile, the report in Microsoft, not the Opera browser, and Microsoft claimed to have fewer publications than IE8. Microsoft IE8 road tests show content from 25 websites in the surf by user can be stored in the cache, a fact that may help speed loading for all browsers. In addition, the video is shown in the add-on are minimal. Microsoft to run some tests without using add-on, as the three cases, namely for the Adobe Systems Flash, Microsoft has Silverlight, and Windows Media Player (Wmp).

With IE8 made this slim, Microsoft believes that the partner ecosystem and the add-on will prefer Windows, IE and Microsoft in general. However, if Microsoft is not yet known then combine the results from the test add-on and the final report for the best statistical data calculations. Microsoft is also doing time loading web with the "visual cues", or a combination of features and ability to interact with web pages, to determine if a page has a heavy load or not. Microsoft also said that the notification will give consistent results in some sites, especially if the sites that contain programs Ajax.

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  1. quantumindonesia // May 5, 2009 at 5:17 PM  

    hi, nice info..but i still prefer to use FF and Chrome..
    thanks for sharing

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