Acer - Tells Secret Launch Of Windows 7

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Acer executives have a release date of the launch of Windows 7. Want to feel like a curious public, the director of the Acer in the UK, Bobby Watkins, said that Microsoft will release Windows 7 software system date in October 23 this year, as confirmation on the earlier statement that Microsoft is planning the release of Windows 7 in the target year 2010.

As the site of a gadget, Pocket Lint on the model of Windows 7, Watkins said that "October 23rd is the date the Windows 7 will be available", meaning when the policy update Microsoft. The latest news, Microsoft released immediately on the Windows 7 RC on May 5, before the final version of Windows 7 released.

In addition, in this week Microsoft has made security features include the latest version of Windows 7 to RC (Release Candidate), with solid build protective order to prevent entry of malware from a USB flash drive or have the Autorun feature in Windows system.

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