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Youtube is not any longer the main and favorite place to find and download video, there are a variety of video from music video clips, funny video and incompetent, video, soccer, etc.. Seeing the internet connection with the thousands of videos we can select for download for free. Blogger also many who take advantage of Youtube as posting them to provide video on youtube which is made in the posting.

In fact installing video blog on youtube is one of the SEO techniques that can improve traffik visit to the site, because with the Google index can do a video blog of us that we install it. Games that we can place it on the posting comes from a video that has been in and out of YouTube videos that we have created yourself. For the video itself may be we still use YouTube as a media storage. We can make a video that we create and upload them on YouTube to make us become famous because of the video can attract millions of people to access the video.

To attract many visitors who will see our video of course the video should be unique compared to other videos such as the two brothers namely from Philippines Momoy Palaboy that make them famous thanks to video that they created on YouTube. Actually very easy to create a unique video on Youtube, here's some tips that can be a reference in making a video to YouTube:

1. Create a video of scenes of violence or skirmish
2. Create a video about the cuteness of children.
3. Create a video about animals that do funny things and incompetent.
4. I went to an event like a concert, or watching football rivalry ultah friend do not forget to bring handycam to record the incident funny, unique or cool from the event [the camera phone can also be].
5. Record the potential that you have, for example I have for this hobby singing in the bathroom or have a skill in playing the guitar, you can be recorded and uploaded on YouTube, who knows a producer who saw the talent you have.
6. If you have the skill in sports, such as the Juggling skill in football you can also merakam great and I, you can glance at the big clubs europe .. (^_^)..he..3x
7. Have mastery in games such as puzzle solving Rubik cube quickly or have a good yoyo tricks, you can show off on YouTube.
8. Have a hobby can eat fenomenal be if we make a video record of eating cayenne and upload them on YouTube, guaranteed will be scene.

Besides can download a free video site YouTube can be a means to make someone become familiar with the origin of the popular videos that showed the positive talents that we have, not like some of the most well-through nasty videos ..

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