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To expand the service to its online software, Adobe Systems on Wednesday (27 / 5) and has introduced a technology that combines the creation and sharing a presentation online. Presentations, made by Adobe Labs, an experiment, which combines online word processor owned by Adobe, which is the Buzzword service ConnectNow for screen sharing and meeting other online activities. Adobe also offers online services version of the basic image-editing technology, Photoshop, which is named

"Application of the presentation can be made in Presentations tool such as a built-in and layout for the addition of visual elements, such as the set of colors, image placement is smart, and graphics tools to create charts and add an effect." Adobe said. Presentations also help work on the multi-presentation and at the same time.

"With the ability to simultaneously editing a presentation, there is no need to break down when the other changes in the content of the presentation. This application also helps to see anyone who has access the presentation, the view, and edit the slides which have been edited. "Add the Adobe.

Presentations site itself based on Adobe Flash technology, an add-on that has been installed in many web browsers. Meanwhile, rival Adobe, Google Docs, using the JavaScript programming language built into web browser. While Microsoft, with its Office services online has been using Silverlight and JavaScript.

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    nice...,good presentation will be more easy....

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    it sink in to my mind.. got it.. thank you

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