Google Chrome 2.0
Google Chrome 2.0 is a browser that is claimed as a Google browser is easy to use and to perform 20 percent faster, compared with 1.0 Chrome test results according to However, the fact, according to PCWorld, there are some users who claim that Chrome is simple in failure, because Chrome 1.0 has a fundamental lack of features for a web browser in 2009, such as form auto-fill, full-screen mode, and the extension. However, the presence of 2.0 Chrome, Google has at least close the gap slightly with 1.0 Chrome, such as the full screen mode, auto-fill form, the ability to remove a thumbnail from the "New Tab", and also repair all bugs Chrome improvised performance.

Chrome Browser 2.0 this looks the same as previous versions, but easy enough to find full-screen mode, by pressing F11 or selecting from the menu icon in the toolbar. However, it appears to be useful when using full screen mode, as the browser lost all control, there is no tab or toolbar.

Moreover, user can not enter the website address, access the bookmark, but Chrome's start page. Everything must be done via keyboard shortcuts or right-click menu. Google revealed that full-screen mode is designed to view the video presentation and a full screen. Meanwhile, the form auto-fill, Chrome 2.0 displays several options that may be selected by users. To remove a thumbnail, simply click the Remove Thumbnails, click the thumbnail that you want to delete, and click Done. Chrome Browser 2.0 is claimed Google's browser as a fast and light, is also more stable.

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