Several weeks after disappearing from civilization, Conficker malware infection that is still ongoing. It was delivered by experts in Symantec security researcher who reported that the botnet malware is present Conficker back. Botnet malware authors Conficker has been claimed that the drug has been Conficker system 50.000 per day.

According to Symantec researcher, revealed that the computer system's highest infection occurred in the United States, Brazil and India., While the spread of infection is going on in China, Mexico, and Italy. "Indeed Conficker or Downadup has spread this far. In fact, team inteligen Symantec estimates that there are 50.000 new PC is now infected every day. "Pillowslip Symantec researchers.

As is known, this worm Conficker attend the first in January, and then spread more and more in this year. When Symantec Conficker find three variants, the malware designed to attack the 1st of April, that does not happen. Now after disappeared without Conficker such as news, showing an attack new, more 'fertile' Gumblar the infection, which had attacked the Google site.

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  1. Rose // October 2, 2010 at 7:24 AM  

    wow it was a fantastic spread.

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