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Gmail has created a new feature back with the message received by Gmail users, who can automatically translate into 41 languages. Announcement is submitted by Google, Tuesday (19/05), as is said from PCWorld. Features message translation automatically in Gmail is expected to make a Gmail user's individual communication between the individual and the more easy, especially for a talk with the different languages so that they can send messages in accordance with the language used, as well as the use of communication and collaboration application suite for the company.

In the context of this application Gmail, has been easier for organizations or companies that want to run a business to different countries to communicate internally with their employees, and externally with partners and their customers. However, Google recognizes that technology is automated machine translation not perfect, but his side will continue to make improvements to technology, so if there is any error in the translate text, the recipient of a message can still know the meaning of messages sent by sender. Message recipients can also switch between the original message and the message version translation.

Google Gmail users and features Apps Standard Edition can also use the translation features of this automated message. How by clicking the menu "Settings" in Gmail, and select the tab "Labs", which is the experiment where the features of Google, which can be modified or removed in the parsed one time. While users in the Gmail Apps Apps Premier and Education must be a domain administrator who can enable Gmail Labs in the control panel.

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