Recent years, the term technooprenuership often once we met and heard in various media both print and electronic media. The books use this term as part of the title is a lot of pop. In fact, some universities began offering technoprenuership as program and open the master program. One of the universities in Asia that offer Master Degree Program in Technopreneurship is Nanyang Technology University (Nanyang Technological University - NTU) Singapore. NTU even have a special center for the study of this field is known by the name of Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC).

What Technopreneurship?

Review of the original saying, Technopreneurship term is a derivative of two words, namely 'technology' and 'enterpreneurship'. In general, the word technology is used to refer to the practical application of knowledge to the industry or as a framework of knowledge that is used to create the tools, to develop expertise and materials in order to solve the existing problems. While Entrepreneurship word comes from the word entrepreneur refers to a person or agency that created the business / business with courage bear the risk and uncertainty to achieve profitability and growth with the opportunity to identify how the existing (Zimmerer & Scarborough, 2008).

If the above two words are combined, the word technology here is a refinement, because the technology in "technopreneurship" refer to the information technology, ie technology that use Computer as a tool for processing. Posadas (2007) defines the term technopreneurship in a wider scope, ie, as a technology entrepreneur in the field of semiconductor technology, which includes accessories to the Personal Computer (PC). As an example is how Steven Wozniak and Steve Job develop their hobby until they are able to sell up and 50 of the first Apple computer, or how Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a paper that they became known as the Google search engine. They are referred to as this is the technopreneur in this definition.

In the national discourse, the term refers to Technopreneurship more information on the utilization of technology to the development of entrepreneurship. Unlike the first definition above, the type of entrepreneurship in technopreneurship here is not limited in entrepreneurial information technology, but all types of business, such as business furniture, restaurant, super market or crafts, batik and silver. The use of information technology that is meant here is the Internet to market their products, such as in online trading (e-Commerce), the special Software to cut production costs, or the use of web 2.0 technology as a means of advertising for entrepreneurship. In the second, it is not clear which party can be called as a technopreneur. Here, the second will be used together.

Technopreneurship in Asia

If we look to 2 -3 decades ago, then just call it Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore are still classified as Developing Countries. But now these countries have become countries with advanced economy that is based on the technology industry. Korea begins with the development of traditional industries, followed by semiconductor industry. While Singapore has a contract in the field of electronics companies with the west, followed by the semiconductor manufacturers. Taiwan famous accessories industry with a Personal Computer (PC). Make a secret that the development of these countries there is a progressive innovation.

Innovation in the field of information technology this is also making India a developed and industrialized world incaran west for both outsourcing and capital investment. Examples of technology developed by India is a Handheld PC as Simputer. Simputer was developed for beginners and users of the financial middle class is a user below. Simputer executed by the ARM-based processors that use cheap and opensource based Operating System. In the market price is around $ 200.

India innovation performance came from the company shyam Telelink Ltd. Shyam Telelink equip becak CDMA phone or device with a battery strength 175. Becak very day is also equipped with the automatic payment machine. Passengers can call and becak tariff imposed rupee is about 1.2 per 20 minutes. Then, this company employs people who do not have the expertise to navigate spot. Wages of the cycle rickshaw is not based on a fixed salary but a commission of 20% of each fare telfon earned (Wireless week, 2003).

In the Philippines, SMART phone or device company to develop a method to transfer money from the workers of the Philippines abroad via mobile phone or device with SMS. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), SMART can meraup about U.S. $ 14 - 21 trillion per year cost of the transfer program.

China follow the same. Chinese companies began to show itself in the international world. IBM's acquisition of the company by China's Lenovo in 2004 and the company's acquisition of Thomson by French television to prove that the Guangdong in China technoprenuership more sturdy.

Studies show that Posadas technopreneurship in developing Asia is caused by several things. First, the factors that inspired by the innovation of Silicon Valley. If the industrial revolution in 20th century America that are triggered by the innovation that there is no stoppage of Silicon valley, the Asian countries race to build the Silicon Valley with their own characteristics and their locality.

Second, the innovations that have made directed to liberate themselves from dependence western world. Most of the technology that was created by the western world for the top or the person / institution / company that created the rich and the dependence. Meanwhile most of the people (read market) Asia has not been able to meet the market's western technology. Asia still many people who have income below $ 1 per day, so they do not have access to technology that was created by the western world. This is a great opportunity for the technopreneur to innovate in technology to create a product that reach marginalized communities.

Technopreneurship direction in Indonesia

Much of the discourse in our country lead Technopreneurship as in the second definition above. Whether in seminars, workshops and news, it can be found that the use of information technology can support the business. Especially in the global crisis such as now, the opportunities for doing business via the Internet increasingly popular. There is a belief that Technopreneurship business solutions in the doldrums like this. For example, the Software will reduce the production cost for the furniture company. If before, they must make a prototype with a chair as a sample to create and send a sample, then with the use of certain Software, the company does not need to send a sample chair to customers, but only shows the design of a chair in the form of soft-copy only. This assumption does not consider the price of the software license must be purchased by the company's furniture.

If technopreneurship understood as in these examples, then this is leaving some questions: Is it right to be able to technopreneurship business solutions in the present time? Where will be taken in the direction technoprenership our country? According to the author sparingly, technopreneurship understood in the narrow meaning of this will become a boomerang for the business, as this will create artificial dependence on western technology. And this is not in line with the spirit technopreneurship developed by other Asian countries. In addition, developing innovations that have not been able to remove the dependency of the scale, as individuals, such as innovation and creativity in website development, web 2.0 technology as a media campaign. Innovation is expected that innovation in capacity development with local technology base of the west, so that the results of innovation can deliver us from the pressure dependence of the license and the dependency of western technology.

To be able to go to the same direction as the state-neagara our other neighbors, then the first thing to do is make deconstruktion understanding Technopreneurship. This is important because we all know that perception determines action. With the understanding technopreneurship as in the first definition will enable the emergence of the technopreneurship that will bring our country run along with India, South Korea and taiwan.

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