Robobama, Animatronic Robot Twin Of Obama

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Obama Robot
What happens when Barack Obama be a robot?
Barack Obama is standing appears to give a speech about freedom. However, the United States President to-44 is made of silicon skin, and in the back there is also a network cable to the 'nerve fiber' Obama. Obama is a robot reproduction to 21st-century, made by big companies Walt Disney Company, and with direct intervention from the White House staff, and President Obama himself.

The President does not only supply the body size and shape, but also voice recording and speech that made Disney's draft, with the sound quality of high-definition. Meanwhile, the Disney does not mention how much it cost to build a robot or Obama "Robobama" is. According to, they work under the protection of United States Secret Service, and only a journalist who bsia near monumentalize and Disney's product image.

According to Disney, President Obama is not the first president who donated his voice, but President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also had to do the same. Robobama this theater will be launched in Disney World, along with the animatronic figure every other president, at the date of July 4.

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