Fennec Beta
Mozilla has released Firefox mobile browser beta version for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. As Mozilla Fennec, the browser is ready for beta release for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, but for this version of Windows Mobile is expected to attract a larger mass. Fennec mobile browser is Gecko HTML engine to use, touch interface for zooming and scanning. In addition, there is still the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3 on.

Fennec while using TraceMonkey engine to support JavaScript, and want to make Mozilla Fennec browser running faster, especially for zooming. Fennec users can also download add-on for improvisation browser functions, such as improvised Firefox on the desktop. Developers can also create a program such as add blocker for mobile browser.

Fennec browser is expected to be present at the end of the year for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphone. Mozilla said that the Fennec mobile browser is not compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or because of technical problems on the license. Mozilla Fennec will apply after the launch, and will compete with the Apple Safari mobile and Opera mini browser.

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