Do you know that interference on the computer not only the damage caused by errors or technical tools on the hard and software. Virus and Spyware on the computer is interference caused by external parties with the goal of a diverse, such as to steal your data, damage your hardware, delete files, the specific function, took over the controls on your computer, and so forth. That is very rare or may not have viruses and spyware that takes advantage on the infected computer.

Computer viruses and spyware can attack your computer either online or often did not even online to the internet. Computer that is connected to the floppy or usb flash disk can be installed from the software if they are not careful. If you have been infected with a virus or spyware that is only active when the computer is connected to the internet, then the virus or spyware will be active when the computer is online.

The following are the various preventive measures and improvements to the affected computer virus or spyware either light or heavy level :

A. In order for the prevention of shunt Computer Virus and Spyware

1. Exercise caution in your Email Attachment
Do not open a file attachment in the email that you receive even from people you know if the attachment is a program file with extension or flexion. Exe,. Pif,. Bat, and so forth. Read carefully the email is sent, whether the style of e-mail together with the usual post. Sometimes the email you receive comes from people sunda, but use the English language, Russia, Chinese, etc. in the email.

2. Connect / Install Security Software What's New
Make sure your computer is installed 3 main types of security software installed and the settings are automatically secure your computer without requiring you to turn on first. They are to prevent anti-virus virus, anti-spyware to prevent spyware, and firewall to block attacks and prevent hackers and the connection from the outside. For a free version and a good quality you can use the AVG anti-virus to anti-virus, Ad-Aware for spyware and queuing for the Zone Alarm firewall program. Make sure all of update / update is the latest patch and the definition of the opportunity virus and spyware variants make new infections on the computer your pc or laptop. Do not forget to also run a scan on your computer regularly for viruses and spyware kill the new infection.

3. Do not be hasty Installing Software
Be careful of the software that you install whether you buy pirated cd's in stores cd, download from the internet, from friends, and so forth. Viruses and spyware can lurk in the program that you install without you realize. Inure to backup all your important files regularly on the flash drive, cd or dvd so that if there is something fatal which you will not lose your data.

4. Watch User / Other People Who Use Your Computer
If your computer is used by other people, make sure he does not do things that can harm your computer. You can create an account specifically for the guest / guest with certain restrictions that you can own settings. Someone who may not think you can just install the program, or insert a usb or floppy disks that contain viruses or spyware. Even can also install spyware deliberately to record all your activities, and a password of your regular use.

5. Always alert
If you feel that something is wrong on your computer immediately disconnect and pull the connection to the network or internet connection network lan. And run anti-virus, anti spyware, and check whether the firewall is running well and properly. If you have a question to install the software from the site that is not clear Repel raw. Follow the development of the patch or update patch security holes in any software installed and get internet access on your firewall program.

B. Computer repair the infected virus and Spyware

1. Turn off the Internet and Network File Sharing Network
If your computer is connected to the local network or the Internet immediately disconnect and pull when necessary to ensure 100% you are really not connected. Sometimes viruses and spyware manipulate your computer so that if you are not connected with the outside network.

2. Update and Scan
The first step for improvement if you are in doubt or feel confident that your computer or fell ill virus spyware is to update. Update can be done either through a download on the internet or offline if you have the file from another person. After the update with the new definition then you should make direct scanning to immediately eliminate the virus found.

3. Active On the Community Mailing List / About Computer Security Forum
The more you join the computer community, the more people that will help you if you're in the problem. Do not be afraid and hesitate to ask for a problem that you face a problem that even trivial. Use fictitious name if necessary. Outside there are many people who may have experienced the same thing with you. In addition, you may get tips shortcuts, solutions, suggestions, and so forth from the community. Typically viruses and spyware also discussed the latest on the community.

4. Format Harddisk If No Way Out
If all the ways you have no Go and give a satisfactory solution that you can take the shortcut past, namely the re-formatting your hard disk. Make sure the data that's important for you have already backed up on another medium that is not infected with the virus, spywre and other malicious programs. Then format your hard drive and install os prgram and the applications that you normally use. After all ok, then copy back the files on the computer it is important that you are fresh.

5. Learning from Errors
Open your eyes when facing a problem and learn well, because it does not close possibility that the same problems will arise with a larger quantity. Learn not only from your own problems but also problems that other people even though you do not know.

- Hope This Article Can Help You And Good Luck -

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  1. Fauzan // April 4, 2009 at 9:15 PM  

    Can we use antivirus free programs such as AVG?

  2. Admin // April 5, 2009 at 12:15 AM  

    Of course my friends...
    We can use free avg, but u must still keep update your avg antivirus (^_^)..he..3x

  3. Anonymous // April 6, 2009 at 12:13 AM  

    If you need an all in one solution then I would look at something like unified threat management also known as a UTM.Cyberoam firewall is the only UTM firewall that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, enabling enterprises to configure policies and identify users directly by the username rather than through IP addresses. Cyberoams powerful hardware firewall provides stateful and deep packet inspection, access control, user authentication, network and application-level protection.

    The ICSA-certified Cyberoam firewall is available along with VPN, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management, providing comprehensive security to small, medium and large enterprises, including remote and branch offices. Cyberoam is a Check Mark Level 5 certified UTM solution.

    Key Features

    1.Stateful Inspection Firewall
    2.Centralized management for multiple security features
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    4.Multiple zone security
    5.Granular IM, P2P controls
    6.ICSA certified

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