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Mailstore Home
For some reason, so you may want to create a backup email, email access with your regular mail client like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or that you access through the use webmail such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, or other supporting PO3 (such as email at or IMAP. For the purposes of backup email sources, and one that can be used is to use the MailStore Home application .

MailStore Home more intended as an application that can be used to perform backup or archiving of emails from the mail client or webmail is used, but the emails that are included in attachment you can still read through the following facilities MailStore Home search emails existing email client as general. You can specify the folder which will be in the backup folder, or anywhere that will be missed.

Conditions for use of MailStore Home for example you can only access emails stored in your Gmail or Microsoft Exchange at the time only in the office only when you want you can still read it at your home computer. Here you can make archiving your emails while in office with MailStore Home storage and drive on a folder on the hard drive or an external flash you. Home MailStore install the computer in the house and drive to the folder you save the email archives, you are able to read your emails.
Download MailStore Home
Results from the backup MailStore Home, the addition can be read directly through MailStore Home, you can export the archive to the email to various other email client, CD / DVD, and also to the email account that supporting IMAP or SMTP. With the existence of this feature, MailStore Home media can be a mediator when you want to switch email client program that you use without having to lose the emails that have been previously entered.

MailStore Home is a freeware that can be used with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista.

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