Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

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Windows Vista is the first OS released by Microsoft over the past five years and is a Succesor from Windows XP. However, you do not need millions in a hurry to buy. So if you want to buy a new PC (if your old PC is broken or you have been waiting for the realease of Windows Vista), then there is no one you're using Windows Vista. But no changes in Windows Vista, whether it is the increase in the ability of the graph (AERO), or any development in the performance (indeed, Windows XP OS that we use are never crash)
There are 6 types of Windows Vista, we will be doing a review on the range of 4 only. We choose not meriview Windows Vista Enterprise (only a little difference which means that with Vista Ultimate) and Windows Vista Starter (no difference in meaning with the Vista Home Basic). Here are a type - the type of Windows Vista:

* Windows Vista Starter Edition
* Windows Vista Home Basic
* Windows Vista Home Premium
* Windows Vista Business
* Windows Vista Ultimate

DVD of Windows Vista is entering a code that has a format Windows Imaging (WIM), so if you buy the Home Basic or Ultimate, the code remains the same, the only distinguish is the product key that will unlock features - features that are specific. This means that users who buy a lower edition (ex. Home Basic) can upgrade to its OS (only the user's hardware has to support) in a way to buy product key either online or offline. However, all features - even though you have to buy - all depending on your hardware configuration. If you do not have any graphics hardware that is suitable, you will never be able see the Aero graphic effects from one of the excellent features of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista installation takes about 1 hour (can be less, depending on the specifications of the PC). The process is automatic, the first - the installer first copying the WIM to your hard drive that takes about 5 minutes later, the system will restart and then do proceed with installing Windows Vista.
After installation is complete, Windows Vista will ask for your regional, and time and currency, and the last keyboard layout. Then, you will select a username, a user icon, and a password. Then select your desktop wallpaper and security settings on: Automatic, Install Importan Updates Only, or Ask me Later. Once everything is completed will appear a new message "Please Wait While Windows checks Your Computer's Performance." Here, Microsoft will give a value on your computer in the point (1 - 5).

Windows Vista include a new tone music that was created by a veteran musician Robert Fripp called. Compared with the start-up tones for Windows XP, Windows Vista more tuneful, even more spiritual. Vote for the User Account Control and Log Off are also in the change.
That there is a new desktop in Windows Vista Welcome Center is comprised of a link - a link to the Frequently Aske question such as, "How do you configure your printer?"

After you close the Welcome Center, you will see on the right side of the screen there is a sidebar that contains 3 or gadgets in Windows Vista called Widgets. The first is the RSS feeds, and a slideshow of pictures taken from the sample photos in the photo library, then the next day.
Recommended changes in Start menu in Windows Vista. Start Menu Search functionality has been completed. All programs also have didisplay is EXPANDABLE. The new Start Menu is divided into two, which provides access to documents, images, music, games, recent items, My Computer, network, Contor Panel, default programs, and Help.

Also new is the key in Startmenu OFF instant. Allow you to turn your PC faster.

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At the speed Loading Page With FireFox Add On

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For those of you who are still not happy with the performance of your firefox browser either version 2. version and the 3rd, I suggest if you are still using the last version 2. flee ugrade to version 3. If it is actually using fersi latest firefox 3.0 and at the time this paper publis I already reached version 3.0.6 and should have satisfactory his speed loading.

But if you still feel a little fast or the Internet bandwidth you have small, can do it manually tweaking, tutorialnya has been scattered, but if you feel unsure of the tutorial is still a lot of (sorry) that are derived publis origin and likely origin copas (copy paste) and seemed to provide a guide or a half-hearted can use the add on from the fire fox own name is Tweak Network,

the settings are very easy and far from the mistakes that can damage the browser settings, and can easily return it to the default browser setting fire fox us
how to use them :

1. Download add onnya
2. Install and restart firefox
3. In the toolbar click tools - tweak network settings, then a confirmation window
will appear
4. Click ok and when the menu appears click on the settings powe
5. Click Apply and OK, restart fire fox and try to feel the difference

Please note loading speed of your Internet access is also very much depends on how much bandwidth speed you have only ad on this attempt to optimize the loading speed of the browser firefox, internet connection if you use unstable or slow the speed of loading will also be disrupted.

Download txt url add on ==> HERE <== hopefully useful

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After installing the Windows 7 operating system as the second after the Windows XP and Windows Vista will ultimately find the choice of whether to membooting computer with Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows. In the dual-boot mode is generated after the installation of Windows 7, by default the computer will be booting with Windows 7 when in 30 seconds does not do us any choice of Windows to be run. For me or some of your habits that have a PC and then turn away, can be so because it should restart back into Windows XP, not Windows 7. To change the default or delay time, there is a tool from Windows that can be used, namely BCDEDIT.

BCDEDIT is a command-line tool that can be used to configure the boot manager in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is a boot manager that appear in the form of operating system options and how each operating system is booting, and this boot loader such as GRUB or LILO in the Linux operating system.

BCDEDIT that will be used to set the boot configuration data (BCD) in Windows Boot Manager is run through the Command Prompt as administrator. Do, open the Start - All Programs - Accessories then right-click on the Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, select Yes.

By typing bcdedit via Command Prompt then [Enter], BCD contents will be displayed at this time. The result will appear like this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows Boot Manager
identifier {bootmgr}
device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {globalsettings}
default {current}
resumeobject {4e5ddbb6-e5e3-11dd-beac-b1d96077c337}
displayorder {current}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 30

Windows Boot Loader
identifier {current}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Windows 7
locale en-US
inherit {bootloadersettings}
recoverysequence {4e5ddbb8-e5e3-11dd-beac-b1d96077c337}
recoveryenabled Yes
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows
resumeobject {4e5ddbb6-e5e3-11dd-beac-b1d96077c337}
nx OptIn

Windows Legacy OS Loader
identifier {ntldr}
device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1
path \ntldr
description Earlier version of Windows


In the boot there is shown each boot entry with each of its parameters, including:

1. Identifier
System is the name given to a boot entry is written diapit (). Can be seen, to have the Windows Boot manager identifier (bootmgr), (current) to Windows 7, and (ntldr) for Windows XP. This will be used later in the boot parameters mengubahi its entry.

2. Device
Is the drive, partition, or virtual image that will be used to membooting a boot entry.

3. Path
Is the location on the device where the boot loader file.

4. Description
Is a description of a boot entry, and this will be displayed as the name in the list of options sisitem operations at the boot manager when booting.

As a precaution, before making the changes should make a backup on the BCD is currently doing with the export to a file, I run the following command:

bcdedit /export C:\BCDku

BCD with the command will be stored in a file called BCDku on drive C. If something happens later on, for example at the time of or after the changes and want to return the BCD is to eat BCD can be imported with the command as follows:

bcdedit /import C:\BCDku

After knowing how to export and import BCD, then we try to do some simple changes by typing the following:

bcdedit /set {ntldr} description "Windows XP Proffesional"

The above command is used to change the description for the boot entry (ntldr) (Windows XP) from the previously written "Earlier version of Windows" to "Windows XP Proffesional" for example. You can use the description that you want that will appear in the list of OS options.

bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addfirst

The above command is used to display options (ntldr) / Windows XP on the first menu in the list of the OS.

bcdedit /displayorder {current} /addlast

The above command is used to display the current selection) (/ Windows 7 on the last thread on the OS list. If there are only two, this is an alternative to the previous command.

bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} {current}

Other alternatives to set the order of the list of OS on the menu, which is mentioned first will be at the top of the order more.

bcdedit /default {ntldr}

The above command is used to change the default OS to be run if you do not select a time after the timeout is, to (ntldr) / Windows XP.

bcdedit /timeout 10

Command is used to change the timeout to 10 seconds. If in this time there is no activity then choose the default OS to be run.

Commands above is a small part of what can be done with bcdedit. That for example, to add another entry to boot another OS, remove the boot entry, and other. For help and a list of parameters for BCDEDIT can be found by typing

bcdedit /?

To read the guidelines and parameters that have displayorder for example, can be done with the command

bcdedit /displayorder /?

essentially live when /? behind him.

Of the few examples of the use BCDEDIT above, at least you can make changes as I do that already, the change description, change the order of the list menu, change the default OS that runs a Windows XP, and change the timeout from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

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Free Download Manager

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Free download manager is an application that has a good performance, capacity and download speed many facilities provided by both controlling the speed of download, Customize and the other, the main adalan Free Download Manager is provided free of charge under open source licenses, the newest fersi Free Download Manager can be integrated directly on the browser to the top of the FireFox 3, after the previous fersi can not be integrated well, have to use ad ons flashgot for integrating.

However, the latest version is directly integrated without additional ad on. Free download manager, providing comfort and speed, especially in the download with the speed that we want to do sebah download files, to set the speed of this change we live mode download includes :

1. Light mode, when we set up FDM on this mode, then it will be a slow download, but will not affect the browsing activities, in a sense we will not burden the network computer, but this is the consequence that the download will do our long runs.

2. Medium mode, this mode will provide download speeds faster than Light mode

3. Heavi Mode, when set to FDM in this mode then it will download with the maximum speed and shorten download time, but kagiatan browsing may be a little disturbed or will be slowed,
However, my experience using this software on the mode heavi not too slow process membut browsing much more in additional facilities such as the FDM this schedule downloads, auto shut down when the download is complete, this is useful if we want to download a file that is big enough and we do not waiting to mark the setting tools shootdown when computer down, then when finished FDM to download automatically the computer will be in the shootdown.

would like to try please download here free

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Download Portable Photosop CS 4

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Photosop software is an image editor that is very popular in the world edit edit the photo you may not have been more with the foreign name photosop this photosop cs 4 is different from the previous version Changes made on the cs4 version includes user interface and ease of use, I also still not too understand this software because I also still learn.

if you need this software that I find in the form of portable please download url download txt
==> HERE <==
congratulations and best wishes to learn useful

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Unix Time

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Unix Times is an explanation of the system in a number which is the number of seconds from January 1, 1970 at 00:00:00 UTC. Numbers 1 Time in Unix can be converted as of 1 January 1970 at 00:00:01 UTC, and so on, so for the 15th February 2009 at 16:05:30 UTC in the Unix Time is 1234713930. Time called Unix, as originally used on Unix systems in the present data and save time. The use of Unix Time is more in the field of computers, such as in programming or database.

If the system is known umunya calendar year or anniversary, it is certainly not known in the Unix Time as numbers will continue to grow. Made the usual "warning" Unix Time-related numbers are formed when "the beautiful" or have any special meaning as 1,000,000,000 (one billion), which falls on 9 September 2001 at 01:46:40 UTC, 1111111111 (18 March 2005, 01: 58:31 UTC), or that recently occurred when the number of the Unix Time 1234567890 achieve a fall on 13 February 2009 at 23:31:30 UTC is celebrated in many places. In the future, moments that may be part of the celebration is when the Unix Time to reach 2,000,000,000 (two billion), which falls on 18 May 2033 at 03:33:20 UTC that day and also referred to as "Unix Millennium Bug".

Unix Millennium Bug or Year 2038 problem is a bug that will occur on 32-bit systems that use the Unix time integer as the time in the system that can be represented for the largest integer value that can be stored that is 2147483647 which fell on 19 January 2038 at 03: 14:07. In the next seconds, the 32-bit systems that store data as an integer Unix Time will read it as the year 1901. Problems can occur long before that date, for example when saving the maturity date 10 years after the date of 19 January 2028.


* Unix Time (Wikipedia)
* Year 2038 problem (Wikipedia)

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"Finding money on the internet" certainly is a lot of people hear the word. But not all people know how the money is actually on the internet. There are also still in doubt and ask what we can find the right money on the internet?

Finding money on the internet is not hogwash, even though I own expert could not survive the results of the money on the internet. But whoa, do not hit-the program the money on the internet, as in the real world, in the virtual world the internet is there are lots of gentle persuasion trickery that can cause damage to you that is still really a beginner.

Look for information before the program the money on the internet / online earning. Do not easily believe the ads that promise easy way with the rich, because believe the money on the internet is not a process that is reverse the hands, but it will take time and effort to get money on the internet. ( like most of the keywords the money on the internet :) )

Some examples of programs that make money on the internet:

* Google Adsense
* AdBrite
* Sedo Domain Parking
* Paid for Review
* Affiliate Marketing (I have not had time to try)
* Etc

Some examples of programs are at risk of causing damage:

* HYIP / investment to the interest rate is very high (99,999% Risk gullible)
* Forex (high risk of experiencing defeat)
* Money Game, Pyramid Scheme
* Etc

How do I start looking for money on the internet for beginners? I will study in the next post.

PS: Sorry this is true for the newbie :)

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Billiard Games For Computer

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Another computer game you can try to release as saturated or boredom at the time of the day activity a day, or indeed if you are a collector maniak and computer games, Midnight Pool 3D 1.2.5 you may not have been more foreign to this game.

This game provides a comfortable feel of the game because of a design with 3 dimensions, so we will be convenient to use but make sure you have a powerful VGA card installed in your computer so that the VGA card if you are not adequate then you will experience the stress (hehehe) often with your computer hangs and the lag. This game is quite interesting especially if you have a hobby with a game biliard sure you will be playing in the front of the computer long time.

Download ==> HERE <==

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Lingoes Dictionary Software

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Lingoes is a free dictionary software for your desktop that can be used both as a translator is done online or offline. To make a translation online that require an internet connection, Lingoes supports translation from Google Translate, Translation Yahoo, Yahoo Babelfish, Click2 Translation, Cross Language, Translation Baidu, SYSTRAN, Reverso Translation, Excite Japan, KODENSHA, Huajian Translation, LEC Translation, and LingvoBit . For offline dictionary, provided only Lingoes dictionary Essential English Dictionary (English-English) can be added later but the dictionary-dictionary that can be downloaded from the website Lingoes. A number of other tools are also available on Lingoes.

Options dictionary that can be downloaded and used by Lingoes enough and diverse, such as the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate ® Dictionary, Webster's New World Essential Vocabulary, WordNet English Dictionary, Macmillan English Dictionary - American, Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia, dictionary terms and hundreds of cross-language dictionary and didapatinya including dictionary English-Indonedia Indonesia and English.

To use it, first download the main program Lingoes, after the new download dictionary-dictionary that you want to use. To add a dictionary to Lingoes, simply run the file. Ld2 downloaded, then after that will be included in the selection of Lingoes.

Lingoes also provide opportunities to those who want to add the dictionary to provide a specific format and write the dictionary next to the email sent through Lingoes made to a file.Ld2 ready to use.

Lingoes programs on, other than as a dictionary program, has also included Apendix that contains a variety of additional applications are quite diverse, such as Currency Converter (online), weights and Measures converter, International Dialing Codes, International Time Zone Converter, The International phonetic Alphabet (2005), Periodic Table of the Elements, Calculator, Base64 encode / Decode, MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 Algorithms, Irregular verbs, and a number of other apendix which can be downloaded from the website Lingoes.

With the added number of apendix than dictionary-dictionary, Lingoes later software can be a knowledge of all there is. More good, than the version that can be installed, available Lingoes portable that can be used from the media such as USB drives. So go wherever, Lingoes and can be taken.

Lingoes | Download Lingoes | Dictionary Directory | Apendix Directory

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AntiVirus and antispyware for Windows 7

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If you have to install Windows 7 Beta, you see a message that stated it is important from the Action Center which is located in the system tray that one of them is a request to search for and antivirus programs. From here can be arrested that Microsoft itself considers that the system is not safe if dibuatnya without the other programs to prevent viruses and malware. As with Windows Vista, security program that is included in the Windows 7 Beta is only the Windows Defender antispyware.

If you see a list of antivirus programs on Microsoft is compatible with the Windows 7 Beta, there are three incoming antivirus program that is:

1. Symantec provides the Norton 360 3.0 Beta

2. Offering AVG ,AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti-Virus product which is both commercial AVG

3. Kaspersky provides a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.

Is it only that? Then I also try to install and run AVG 8 Free Edition and Avira Antivir Personal is free for use, and in fact the process of installing and running at the time, there were no problems that arise. Action Center on the Windows 7 own reading of both the existence of a second anti-including the status if the real-time protection at the time of death or need updates.

On How-to Geek have any posts have been based on direct experiment that resulted in a list of Antivirus and antispyware list that is compatible with Windows 7.

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Saving Images In Gmail With GPhotoSpace

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By using the Firefox extension called GSpace, you can use Gmail as a storage place for the file directory. With the same approach, a Firefox extension called GPhotoSpace that you can use your Gmail as a storage place for photos with full facilities and also the making of the album as a medium for sharing images to friends and acquaintances you.

After GPhotoSpace install and restart Firefox, you can run GPhotoSpace through the menu Tools - GPhotospace or by clicking the icon in the status bar GPhotospace Firefox.

To enter, you can log in using your Gmail account to be used. Unfortunately this is limited to, can not use the account from Google Apps. When entering, the interface is still faced with the nuances Gmail menus GPhotospace property.

Here, you can begin to create photo albums with deskripsinya and choose which photos to upload. Do not forget to access the menu settings to determine the maximum of the image that will be used, the greater the better quality but the upload time will be long and will eat the bigger Gmail space. After the album is saved, the list of albums you can send the album to a friend or acquaintance with you to fill in the email address. Later your friend will receive them as email attachments usually contain pictures in the album. If for example your friend using GPhotospace also, it will be received as an album in GPhotospace them.

To note that the photos in an album that is uploaded when viewed from Gmail, it will appear as an email attachment containing this and will take the capacity that you have Gmail. What's that you upload will appear in the Sent Mail folder in Gmail. If you really like the way images are GPhotospace this style, you may need to create a new Gmail account specifically for this purpose.

Currently, GPhotospace available only for Firefox users in Windows and Mac.

– GPhotoSpace

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Download From Youtube And MySpace Via

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What is presented and shown in website is simple, a form that can be made early when you want to download the audio file, movie, image, flash or any other element of a web page. After entering the URL of a web page, says the agreement on Terms of Service and filter the file type you want to download, you will be presented a link to download the file you want.

For example, by entering a URL address of your video on YouTube, and filter Movies, then you will be given a link to download the file. Flv and. Mp4. Right-click on the link and select Save link as or Save target as through the browser, or also with the download manager.

Similarly when you want to download mp3 music from a band's profile page in MySpace or it displays the media player, enter the address of the profile and filter audio files, it will display the download link mp3 files that can be downloaded with a choice of quality if possible.

Other example is when you want to download the flash file from a web page, enter the address and filter webnya Objects, it will be given a link to download the file .Swf is on the page. is just one of the ways and tools to download files that are in a certain web page. If you really like the way you use it only have capital browser without installing anything, you might try and treat it.

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Level Use FireFox 2 Biggest In Indonesia

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Mozilla Firefox 3 was released about eight months ago, in an event that is named Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 and has been making the software as the most number of downloads within 24 hours of more than eight million. After that, of course there are still millions of downloads occur. Specifically in the use of Firefox, Firefox 3 at this time is a version of the most widely used, even the majority of users do updates, but so, according to notes of Firefox, about 15% users are still using Firefox 2, and Indonesia became the largest level of use of Firefox 2 it is equal to 30.5%.

Based on the notes, approximately 30.5% of the overall use of Firefox in Indonesia is still using Firefox 2, and Mozilla has made the last release of Firefox in December 2008 as the last update Firefox 2. By still using Firefox 2, the problems that might occur can be fixed will be a problem because it is no longer a concern Mozilla.

Therefore, for you or other users around you are still using Firefox 2, or even earlier, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 3. If you do not know the version of Mozilla Firefox you use, you can mengeceknya through the Help menu - About Mozilla Firefox. If in fact still Firefox 2, you can upgrade via the menu Help - Check for Updates, or download directly from the website at the address

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Remove Of Watermark Text In Windows 7 Beta

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As I showed yesterday, on the desktop Windows 7 Beta Watermark text there is Windows 7 - For testing purposes only. Build 7000. Possible objective is to remind that the current use is the Beta of Windows 7 by the author has not considered itself as a product. If this is the purpose and so you need not be reminded again that the Windows 7 Beta is already installed you only for the purpose of testing, so can you have the desire to remove the Watermark text.

One way that can be used quickly is to use software Remove Watermark. In addition to Windows 7, Remove Watermark version 0.4 can also be used to remove the Watermark similar on Windows Vista and Server 2008. Remove Watermark can be used for both 32-bit and 64 bit, and also for all languages.

To use, download and extract Remove Watermark in a folder. Extract the folder from the file select RemoveWatermarkX86.exe for Windows 7 Beta 32-bit or RemoveWatermarkX64.exe file for Windows 64-bit. Run with the right-click and select Run as Administrator. Will appear next Command prompt window that asks whether you want to patch this. You just type Y if you want to continue the process.

At the command prompt window, you will get information tahapannya each successful case, the backup file name, and the message that, to see the results, the computer must direstrat first. Press [Enter] to close the window.

If the process runs successfully, after you restart Windows 7 Beta, you no longer find that Watermark text does not exist anymore. No text reminder, you must still remember that the Windows 7 beta is still used, intended for testing purposes.

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Windows 7 Desktop Sreenshot

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Views such as the above is a view that will be enjoyed once finished installing Windows 7 Beta using the default theme. According to my very clean and simple. On the right-bottom will appear Watermark with Windows 7 - For testing purposes only. Build 7000, as found in the release of regular-beta release of Windows. This can be can be a reminder that Windows is still used in the Beta phase and users are expected to understand this situation and do not use it for purposes outside to try. Bugs and problems will very likely have on this product.

I show a screenshot on this article may only highlight some of which can be viewed on the desktop Windows 7 Beta. Most of the results of image hosting my screenshots on Flickr, and to see a full view of each, please click on the image shown here, select the All Size on Flickr, choose Original Size.

Pictures above display is a desktop theme after I change the default options to Landscape theme that has been included. For Windows 7 Beta English, the theme could have chosen four, namely Windows 7, Landscape, Light Auras, and Nature. Each theme comes with some of the wallpaper will change automatically to a certain time. To change the theme can be done with the right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, the same as in Windows Vista.

Options are presented on the theme of Windows 7 Beta version adapted to the selected language. However, with the choice of a particular theme that should present Windows 7 beta for other languages is possible to use. If you have the opportunity, I will write itself.

Taskbar is one of the changes that can be viewed on the desktop Windows 7 Beta with the use of icons are large. This is the Windows 7 Superbar. By default, the window the same program will be an icon on the taskbar and when the movement to the mouse in the taskbar icon, will display a thumbnail of the window. With the mouse over to one of the thumbnail, the window size is also shown behind the scenes that may be expected to help the user to ensure the selection window will open with a click. From the thumbnail window, are also given access to actually close the window by clicking the button to the right cross-over thumbnail.

In the settings through right-click on the taskbar and select Properties you can set how you want taskbar settings, such as the Lock the taskbar, Auto hide the taskbar, Use small icons, Taskbar location on the screen (Bottom, Left, Right, Top), peneglompokkan Taskbar button ( Always combine, Combine when taskbar is full, never combine), and also the Use Desktop Preview (if the active me-will minimize the active window when mouse over at the end of the taskbar).

Windows 7 Taskbar present this seems to integrate functions that have Quick Launch in Windows before. By default, the taskbar is no icon for access to Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and Windows Media Player. When other programs are opened, the icon will also appear in the taskbar, for example, and want the icon to access the program on the taskbar is always there, then when the program opens, right-click and select the iconnya Pin this to taskbar. Later though the program is closed, this shortcut icon will remain on the taskbar.

When several windows in one program open, such as mentioned above, with the default settings will be grouped on a single icon in the taskbar. By clicking the right icon to see history has ever opened a window that will change based on last access. When a web page (for example, in Internet Explorer) or documents that still want to appear on this list, then we can pin-menge it and later will go to the Pinned list will still appear when right-click the icon in the taskbar.

If seen on the right side taskbar, as in the previous Windows, there is a system tray icon, the program icon is active. Number of icon that is displayed directly only a few are, and more will be displayed with the view on the arrow at the top of the left and the rest of the icon will be displayed in the area khusu that appears on top of it, not to the side. Special icon to safely remove hardware such as USB flash if connected, the Windows 7 Beta I see this more informative to give the device its name.

If you see the Start Menu, I see it looks more or less the same with Windows Vista, including features realtime search so typing in the input Start Search, and see the results there seems to be improvised compared to Windows vista.

Still in the system tray, alert-warning security related issues are one of dimuculkan Action Center icon. For initial installation of Windows 7 Beta, warning that appears is the beradaannya antivirus program and not the scanning is a computer with Windows Defender.

If we do right click on the desktop, we will find a shortcut Screen Resolution allows faster access to Display menu and set the screen resolution. Here also found shortcut Gadget in Windows Vista that is set on a special sidebar on the right, to display the settings for the gadget-gadget that you want to show.

When a window opens digeser to the right or left then a shadow will appear at the back to give a sign that the food is released when shifting the window will fill half the screen. If you drag this window directed to the top of the window will be maximize.

That's a little screenshot of the desktop and I can explain at this time, hopefully can give a little description of the initial view that will be encountered after installing the Windows 7 Beta.

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